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Editorial Comments is a category devoted to my personal views. It includes references to topics such as language usage and how the mind works. It also addresses the topic of story management (that is, who decides which stories have priority, how are they edited and promoted, and what management purposes do the stories serve?).

The category is concerned with topics of interest to me but not necessarily to anybody else.

I’m aware that people like to read news reports at this website, in the context of which my views as a reporter just get in the way of the reports. When I write editorial comments, my focus is not on keeping readers closely engaged, but rather on organizing my own thinking.

In news reports at this website, I do include my own personal views – for example, as a vehicle to set the scene for a story – but in such reports, my personal, anecdotal opinions are at the periphery of the facts that serve as the primary content of the posts.

Links related to a differential approach to climate change at City of Mississauga as compared to the City of Toronto

I have previously noted that the City of Mississauga appears many light years ahead of the City of Toronto in relation to community engagement (that is, getting citizens involved with planning decisions, in practice as well as in theory) and … Continue reading

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