Aquaview Condominiums

Aquaview Construction

I’m making a documentary about the building of Aquaview Condominiums on Lake Shore Blvd. West between Forty First and Forty Seconds Streets – and about the history of the surrounding area, which includes the story of the Colonel Samuel Smith homestead.

It’s a long-term project. The building of the website you are now visiting took me several years of work. Putting together a documentary, of the kind I have in mind, will take several additional years.

Here’s some background about local history related to the Aquaview Condominiums construction site:

The video I made with Andy Iadinardi is based on some of the material that I accumulated during the documentation of the Aquaview Condominiums construction project:

The following links provide an introduction to material, such as time-lapse video from the building of Aquaview, that I will be adding to this website once I have the requisite software resources in place:

AQUAVIEW Project Details | View looking: North | East | West | South

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