Municipal Legislation Review deadline is Aug. 7, 2015. Make your views known!

Information about the Municipal Legislation Review can be accessed here.

David Godley writes:

If you are concerned about local Government in Toronto you could implore the Provincial Government to have community meetings.

I hope the review of the OMB will not so “under the radar”!

David Godley



Alan Redway

Toronto, Canada

Jul 8, 2015 — During the Summer when we are distracted by holidays, the Pan Am Games, the Parapan Am Games and Caribbean Carnival, the Province will be conducting a “public review” of the City of Toronto Act. If I had done something similar in East York I would have been tarred and feathered by the residents.

The City of Toronto made the announcement on July 2nd. To date I have not seen this reported in any of the media notwithstanding that the deadline for public submissions is August 7th.

This is not the form of provincial public review that was conducted every 10 years from 1953 to 1997 but apparently as in the name of an old movie: “This is as good as it gets”. There will be no public hearings only written submissions that must be made by mail or email with the name and complete postal address of the sender if it is to be considered.

Those of us who want to change the current form of Toronto governance whether by de-amalgamation, a new borough system or something else must make a written submission to that affect by:

Email to:

or by mail to:
Municipal Legislation Review
Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing
Local Government Policy Branch
777 Bay Street, 13th Floor,
Toronto, Ontario

cc. Premier Kathleen Wynne
Legislative Building
Queen’s Park
Toronto, Ontario,

Please pass this on to your family, friends, neighbours and followers.


[End of text from David Godley]


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