Sue (Robinson) Brady (MCHS ’64) shares more details about MCHS Alumni in B.C. and elsewhere

At a previous post, entitled Cheryl Vince’s favourite teachers at Malcolm Campbell High School included a principal and a vice-principal, Sue (Robinson) Brady (MCHS ’64) wrote a comment for Cheryl Vince and Ruth MacLeod.

The comment from Sue Brady, who was in Mrs. Dunwoodie’s 11B (Latin) class, which I have featured in a separate post, included the following details:

  • Sue (Robinson) Brady gets together with Virginia (Cope) Sprogis a couple of times a year.
  • Virginia Sprogis is an artist living in the Eastern Townships and she used to see Mrs. Dunwoodie there (alias the Dunzel, or Elaine) up until about 6 years ago.
  • Mrs. Dunwoodie was hanging out with Miss Carr at that time.
  • When Sue Brady worked for a non-profit in Toronto she recruited Neil Bacon (Accounting) and Graham Webb (Information Technology) to help us set up and they continued to assist (pro bono) for ten years.

Mini-Reunion in Vancouver around late 1990s / early 2000s

Gang at reunion

Gang at reunion. Top row left to right – Soryl Rosenberg (Miss Shulman), Jacki Ralph, Sue Robinson, Dawson Campbell, Audrey Mchaffie. Bottom row left to right – Lynda Spence (Allan), Gail Ritchie, Linda Ritchie.

Sue Brady has posted photos of the latter mini-reunion:

Sue (Brady) Robinson has shared with us photos from an MCHS reunion a decade ago in Vancouver

Message of July 7, 2015 from Sue Brady

Sue noted that the following Alumni, among her circle of contacts, are aware of the Reunion (but she does not know if they are planning to attend):

  • Dawson Campbell,
  • Graham Webb,
  • Virginia (Cope) Sprogis
  • Carole (Radford) Spencer

Sue mentioned she can contact Bill & Sue Coyle (Susan Currie), both in 11D, 1963, via Gail Lawson, 11E, 1963 (married to Jim Currie – not an MCHS grad).

“Through Gail [Lawson],” Sue Brady adds, “I learned that Tom Von Eicken (11B, 1962) and Linda Chow (11E, 1963) married, however both died, a few years apart, quite a long time ago. They had 4 very beautiful daughters.”

Jack Mullaste (MCHS ’63)

“Also deceased,” adds Sue Brady, “as you may know, is Marty Butler (11F, 1962). I believe he made a musical career for himself & we saw him playing piano at a club in Toronto many years ago.

“Re MCHS Reunion site – I read about Jack Mullaste’s passing (11F, 1963) — he was a fun guy & as I remember a wild dancer. After high school, in 1966, Jack and I carpooled together from Roxboro to our jobs at Rolls Royce on Cte de Liesse Rd, where I met my future husband Terry.

Request for contact information for Jeanie Mullaste

Please note: As we have mentioned previously, Jack (Jaak) Mullaste, MCHS ’63, 11F, passed away on on January 18, 2005. A number of his friends including Howard Hight of Boston who knew him well are seeking to get in touch with his widow Jeanie Mullaste. If you can help in that quest please contact Jaan Pill at

Remembering Jack (in Estonian: Jaak) Mullaste

I knew Jack Mullaste well during a still earlier stage of life. Jack and I were both members of an Estonian Boy Scout troop in Montreal in the mid-1950s when we were children. We were also members of the same Estonian Lutheran church in Montreal, to which a large proportion of Estonian Montrealers belonged to at the time. I remember his parents; as I recall, and if my memory serves me well (sometimes it doesn’t, memories being malleable) they were both much involved in sports such as tennis.

I was interested to learn, in recent years while working on the Reunion, that some of my classmates from MCHS knew Jack Mullaste well during the years that followed our graduation from the school. I learned of his passing through reading notices in an Estonian-language newspaper published in Toronto.

Additional note (July 7, 2015) from Sue (Robinson) Brady

Howard Hight (left) and Wayne Grier, on a 2014 cruise holiday in Greece. Click on the image to enlarge it. Click again to enlarge it further.

“Howard [Hight] – this is for you:

“I remember you & Wayne Grier were friends at MCHS, don’t know if you still are in contact. An interesting story re Wayne’s sister Wendy & her neighbor in Beaconsfield which I’ll try to keep simple – Wendy is a good friend of my sister Laurie.

“We just found out last year that Wendy lives across the street from Tara Wright – they have been neighbours for a long time but neither of them knew their connection until Tara’s uncle (Butch Sprogis, aka Rheinie) came up in conversation. Tara is Virginia Sprogis’ daughter (Butch is Virginia’s brother). I don’t think Wendy knows Virginia, but she did know Butch!

“Of course if we didn’t change our names when we got married these connections would come about a lot sooner – I think Quebec has it right where women keep their maiden names – but on the other hand, how many hyphenated names will their kids & grandkids end up with?”

Additional comment (July 7, 2015) from Sue Brady

“Hey Howard & Diana – small world re you & Wayne.

“Howard, congrats on having 9 grandchildren – quite an accomplishment! I’m sure your grandchildren enjoy your sense of humor – as I remember you & Wayne were quite a pair.

“In reply re Peggy Chow – I don’t know what happened to her but maybe could find out through Gail Currie who was good friends with Linda & Tom.

“I didn’t know you were part of the Amabaie gang. The Chows lived on the same street as Marilyn Drouin & Bruce MacDonald, also close to Billy Poole. Marilyn, Virginia & I get together every spring when Virginia comes out west (she has a daughter here in Vancouver).

“Marilyn (now Reigle) has lived on Vancouver Island for the past 7 years or so. Prior to that she spent all of her married life in Morin Heights, Que., a lot of it working at the ski hill.

“Another long(ish) story re Billy Poole et al – when I worked in Kingston ON we owned a farm in Bath, approx. 40 kms outside of Kingston. In 1992 I had a reunion there & invited a bunch of old friends, Billy Poole included. Fyi he still looked the same – great, as usual.

“He was living somewhere in the states but I’ve since lost touch. MCHS people that came to the event – Brian Barton, Neil Bacon, Joelle King, Virginia & Carole Spencer. The rest of the people were probably Catholic, so didn’t go to our school.

“I worked at the company’s head office in Kingston & we had a business meeting one year (mid-90’s) in L.A. Who did I meet there but Lynda Wilson (formerly Fuller). Turns out she was our Canada North director but I never realized we were in high school together until she drew the connection.

“We had so much fun & somehow she knew that Gaby Gluck & George Weinberger were there (I think either one or both was a gynecologist – we had fun with that too). Anyway we tried to contact them & I can’t remember if we did or not – maybe she could finish that story.

“I know Graham Webb quite well (we were in grade 3 together at Cartierville School and I think they had just come over from England). I didn’t really know Colin but saw him about 5 years ago when we were helping Graham move from Burlington to Niagara-on-the Lake.

“So since I won’t be at the reunion (spending time in Oakville in August with our Ontario grandkids), you’ll have to email your Rolls Royce story. Not sure if you owned one, but when I worked there you could pick one up for a cool $16k (about what we paid for our first home in Pierrefonds).”

Gail Ritchie, Bruce Wilde, Audrey Mchaffie, Dawson Campbell.

Gail Ritchie, Bruce Wilde, Audrey Mchaffie, Dawson Campbell. Sue (Robinson) Brady comments: “I don’t remember the date these pics were taken but approx.. 10 yrs+ ago.” The photo is from Sue (Robinson) Brady.

Comment (July 8, 2015) from Bruce Goodman

“Nice to see Bruce Wilde in this picture. The Goodman family and Wilde family were close neighbours on O’Brien.”

“The Wilde’s backed onto our property on Lavigne St.,” Bruce Goodman adds. “If Bruce sees this post…say hi to your brother Earl for me…one of my closest friends in the very early years. Many many days were spent playing road hockey on Lavigne, as O’Brien was far to busy as a main through street…even with an MTC bus route #117 on it.”


4 replies
  1. Fred Laflamme
    Fred Laflamme says:

    Hi Sue,

    I stumbled across these posts by you quite by accident a day or two ago and thought I’d drop you a quick note. Mary and I both retired in 2006 and after 7 years commuting between Kingston and PEI in the summers decided to sell Kingston and build on PEI.

    I remember the 92 reunion well and imagine it will be hard to replicate that event again. I did reunite with Bill Poole and Dave Aube in Monntreal for a weekend about 8 years ago. Haven’t seen either one since then however. Bill lives in Raleigh N Carolina and Dave’s in Orillia. Harvey Levy and Dennis his brother are in Winnipeg where they run a successful leather goods company.

    I’m having lunch in Burlington On. at the end of April with Wayne Grier, Jim Gordon, Allen Jones and Pete Saull. All of us are in regular contact with Howard Hight. We try to meet up once a year usually in April on my way home from San Diego where Mary and I try to spend most winters. Jim has had a tough go with melanoma but seems to be on the mend from a serious surgery last fall. I had a similar run in with melanoma last fall but surgery was successful and recently received good news re: lymph nodes. Wayne suffered a mini stroke last month but dodged a bullet with no lasting effects. Otherwise I think everyone is well. I’ll be in touch again but thought I’d at least establish contact. Hope you and Terry are well!



  2. Sue brady
    Sue brady says:

    Hi Fred & others,
    Just a short update: Re our alma mater, Malcolm Campbell gang, people I’m still in touch with – Virginia Cope (Sprogis), Dawson Campbell, Marilyn reigle (Drouin), Carole Radford (Spencer). Dawson keeps up with Billy Robert & Barclay & Linda Allen. May be a few more, can’t think of right now – blame it on covid brain. Please reply to my email if you’re in this loop. Love to hear from you.
    sue Brady (Robinson, class of 64)

  3. Fred Laflamme
    Fred Laflamme says:

    Hi Sue,
    Nice to hear from you! As you know I didn’t attend Malcolm Campbell but certainly knew and palled around with several M C alumni. Mary and I had the good fortune to meet up with Marilyn and Ernie in San Diego a couple times and once here at our home in PEI during the past three or four years but with Covid didn’t travel at all this year, at least not since last March.
    Hoping to return to San Diego next winter as I’m sure Marilyn and Ernie are too. Hope you and Terry are both keeping well and staying safe.
    Hugs for now!

  4. Fred Laflamme
    Fred Laflamme says:

    BTW I’m in regular contact with Ron Dykhof, Ian Bernard, Tim Hewlings, Jim Gordon, Allen Jones, Wayne Grier,
    Howard Hight, and Pete Saul. Not sure how many of them attended M C H S though.


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