Deadlines and events related to Oct. 17 MCHS ’60s Reunion & Celebration of the ’60s

I’ve been in touch with several people recently, who have an interest in knowing the details as they relate to deadlines concerning registrations, reservations for the Oct. 18 Brunch at Old Mill, and so on.

Numbers are growing; we will soon be past 50 (if we’re not already there)

We are currently at 46 registered, as of Aug. 20 (it takes a while for the details to arrive my way); several people have also indicated their cheques are arriving soon.

Oct. 1 is deadline to pay by cheque; Oct. 12 is deadline to let us know that you plan to pay by cash at the door!

For people paying by cheque, the deadline is Oct. 1. After that people can pay at the door but they need to let Diana Redden or me know by Oct. 12 that they are planning to pay at the door. That’s because the hotel needs the number of people three business days before the event. Please note: OCTOBER 12 (twelve).

How do I register?

The registration is $150 for single tickets and $250 per couple of tickets, where one person is an MCHS graduate, or a former student, or a teacher.

Cheque payments should be in Canadian currency, payable to MCHS 2015.

Please mail your Registration cheque to:

MCHS 2015 Registration
c/o Diana Redden
4487 – 222A Street
Langley, B.C.
V2Z 1B2

Sept. 17 is last day to get guaranteed alumni rates at Stay Inn and Old Mill Toronto

For details click here >

Walk along the Humber River at 10:30 am on Oct. 18

We will meet at 10:30 am at the front entrance to Old Mill (across from the parking lot) and go for a 30-minute walk along the Humber River. The walk ends at 11:00 am for Brunch at the Old Mill Restaurant.

Brunch at Old Mill at 11:00 am on Oct. 18

We are having a Brunch at Old Mill at 11:00 am on Oct. 18, the Sunday (next day) after the reunion. The Brunch costs about $35. Each person pays this amount plus taxes and whatever.

Oct. 11 is deadline to let us know you plan to attend the Brunch!

We need to know by Oct. 11 who will be attending the Brunch. If you wish to let us know, one way is to contact me by text message or email  or phone (see contact details below).

Parking pass

Please note every attendee gets a parking pass, that you stick in the windshield of your car, at the Old Mill parking lot. Please make sure you get one. We will send them out as PDFs and provide them at the registration desk as printouts. If you don’t have a parking pass, or other proof of payment on your dashboard, you could get a big-time, large-denomination, high-impact ticket!

Get-together at or near Stay Inn at 560 Evans Ave.

We are also arranging a get-together at the Stay Inn at 560 Evans Ave. or at a nearby pub (we haven’t yet decided) on the evening of Friday, Oct. 16, the day before the reunion.

To which everyone is invited – it’s a way for people to get to touch base with a few people, even before the reunion. Please make arrangements to have a designated driver, or make arrangements for a cab – we want to ensure that everyone gets home (or to their hotel room) safely.

Getting your hair done

We are working at possibly getting a hair dresser from a downtown hair salon (that my wife raves about) to come down to the Stay Inn to look after the “getting the hair done” needs of the assembled female guests (that is, gals) who are looking for such last-minue “touch-up” services. Please contact me if you wish to be part of the ‘ensemble’ event!

Posting of photos online

We can expect that photos and videos will emerge from the reunion and related events. Some may end up online.

If you do not wish to have a photo or video of yourself appearing online, please let us know – you can contact Jaan, in this regard – so we can be alerted beforehand to this fact.

Our storyline, our theme, our tagline

Beyond a doubt, this is indeed a party! We are getting together to mix and mingle and have a good time and each of us is the honoured guest and star of the show (because that’s what everyone has been saying, as we’ve been meeting to discuss the format for the event).

You can contact me by Facebook Message or text or my email at



As always, we welcome comments. Comments have been a key ingredient in the organizing of this event. We have acted on as many as we can.

If you have questions or comments, among the ways you can reach me is via a Facebook Message (my Facebook handle is Jaan Hendrik Pill) or by sending me a text at 416-722-6630. You can text me from anywhere in Canada. You can also send an email if you wish. Or you can phone me at 416-722-6630.


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