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The year 2015 marks the 400th anniversary of Étienne Brûlé’s expedition from Orillia to Lake Ontario in 1615

Updates: Please note: Next planning meeting is at 12 Division at 10:00 am on March 23, 2015. By way of other updates related to the year 1615 and thereabouts: A March 12, 2015 Slate article is entitled: “Humanity Is a Geologic Force “as Earth-Changing as a Meteorite Strike”. The article notes: “The study’s first proposed […]


Modern genetics has revolutionized the story anthropologists tell about how humans spread out across the Earth: Oct. 3, 2017 Atlantic article

A tweet from Dr Adam Rutherford‏ – that is, @AdamRutherford – reads: Here’s an extract from the new US chapter, on the Americas, dodgy DNA tests, and scientific racism, in @TheAtlantic [End] The Oct. 3, 2017 Atlantic article, referenced in the tweet, is entitled: “A New History of the First Peoples in the Americas: The miracle of modern […]


Construction Kickoff Celebration for Lakeview Waterfront Connection project: Saturday, Sept. 24, 2016

An update on the Construction Kickoff Celebration  is available at a subsequent post: Waterfront piazzas, a 1.5 kilometre beach, new lakefront land the size of 48 football fields and mixed-use neighbourhoods housing 20,000 people on 250 acres of reclaimed industrial land Click here for posts about the Lakeview Waterfront Connection project> (Preserved Stories has been […]


Lakeview Waterfront Connection – Notice of Environmental Assessment Amendment

The following message (I’ve omitted periods after some of the links) is from Credit Valley Conservation. I admire the communications from CVC as I have mentioned in previous posts related to the Lakeview Waterfront Connection project. Why am I impressed? I am impressed because I enjoy seeing effective use of language. As a volunteer in […]


Étienne Brûlé / First Nations event took place on Sept. 13, 2015 at 222 Riverside Drive

Updates: An April 15, 2016 Globe and Mail article by Bob Rae is entitled: “Attawapiskat is not alone: Suicide crisis is national problem.” An April 23, 2016 CBC article is entitled: “West-end residents call for traffic light after fatal crash: Neighbour describes ‘mind-bogglingly horrendous bang’ as car hits building near Jane and Bloor.” A Sept. 27, […]