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Globe and Mail series: Risks are associated with too much consumerism; risks are associated with too little of it

I’ve explored two related concepts in a May 9, 2015 Twitter post, which can be represented as follows: Consumerism fuels runaway spending Consumers in debt stop consuming, economic collapse looms Risks are associated with too much consumerism (in the sense of the compulsion to buy the newest electronic gadgets, bigger houses, and pricier cars) That is, a […]


Feelings are contagious; they spread from person to person

A July 19, 2015 CBC article is entitled: “Jennifer Newman, psychologist, tell us how to deal with rude co-workers: 98% of workers report rudeness at work, 50 experience it weekly, says Newman.” What can be done about it? The conclusion of the article reads: “First, we all have to recognize it affects everyone — it’s easily […]


The Housing Bomb (2013)

When I first came across The Housing Bomb: Why Our Addiction to Houses Is Destroying the Environment and Threatening Our Society (2013), I thought the title may be a marketing ploy to attract readers. My assumption was not valid, as I learned when I began to read the book. The concept of the housing bomb […]


Steve Nazar, who moved from Alderwood (Toronto) to Duncan, British Columbia, comments on what drives people out of Toronto

In previous posts, I’ve shared views about the destruction of the neighbourhood character of Long Branch (Toronto not New Jersey). Among the posts are the following recent ones: Comment from Susan Virtue: May 4, 2015 “Character of Long Branch” meeting at The Assembly Hall Comment from Susan Albert: May 4, 2015 “Character of Long Branch” […]