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Question regarding case of building permit that allows bigger and taller house than committee of adjustment and OMB have granted

I’ve received an interesting question. The case involves an application that been approved by both the committee of adjustment, and by the OMB on appeal, for variances to allow the owners to enlarge their house. The owners in question, as I understand, went to the city’s building department with other plans (even larger and taller than […]


Jonathan Shay speaks of moral injury in Achilles in Vietnam: Combat Trauma and the Undoing of Character (1994)

A previous post is entitled: We Were Soldiers (2002) is a movie based on We Were Soldiers Once …. and Young: Ia Drang: the Battle that Changed the War in Vietnam (1992) At the end of the above-noted post, I’ve mentioned other books that I’ve been reading, in addition to “We Were Soldiers Once …. […]


What will Long Branch look like after OMB has gone?

What will Long Branch look like, after the Ontario Municipal Board has come and gone? Will the physical character of Long Branch be preserved, or will it be destroyed, even after the OMB has come and gone? The culture of decision-making at the Ontario Municipal Board has changed dramatically over the past 25 years. Bill […]


Culture of decision making at the OMB changed dramatically over the past 25 years; Bill 139 seeks to get land-use planning back on the right track

As a resident of south Etobicoke for the past 20 years, I’ve been following, with much interest, recent initiatives to reform the Ontario Municipal Board. I’ve made it a point, in this context, to attend two days of hearings at Queen’s Park in October 2017, regarding the provincial government’s OMB Reform legislation, before the legislation (known as […]


Change will come slowly despite OMB reforms: Toronto Star, Dec. 18, 2017

A Dec. 18, 2017 Toronto Star article is entitled: “Change will come slowly despite OMB reforms: Regulations put forward by Ontario on how to transition to a new planning tribunal mean hundreds of applications currently being considered by city could be appealed under old rules.” A page-6 article in the Dec. 19, 2017 print edition […]