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Power speaks its own language: Contemporary social media propaganda focuses on denigration of standard perceptions of reality

Click here for previous posts about propaganda > A previous post is entitled: Power speaks its own language: Can historiography (generally, the writing of history featuring standard language usage) teach us anything of value with regard to extreme violence? As a follow-up to the post, I refer to a Dec. 18, 2018 New Yorker article […]


Perception is reality does not apply to climate change

Updates When I say that perception is reality does not apply in the case of climate change I’m saying that reality in this case obtrudes – as contested to many other situations in life, where evidence and facts can readily be ignored in favour of varied preferred ways of seeing things. A book that comes […]


Perceptions of warmth and competence drive our stereotypes: Cuddy et al. (2008)

This post deals with bias and prejudice. I first highlight a recent Guardian article, after which I outline recent academic research related to the dynamics of bias and prejudice. An Aug. 16, 2016 Guardian article is entitled: “The dark history of Donald Trump’s rightwing revolt.” The subhead reads: “The Republican intellectual establishment is united against […]


Stories and frames

Stories and frames Update: The ‘Arab spring’ topic is of much interest. We have many choices regarding how we contextualize – that is, frame, or place within a framework – pivotal events (inflection points) that arose years ago. At all times, our access to the past, to history in whichever form, is through the portal […]