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History begins with definition of terms

At a recent post, I began to write about my approach, as a layperson, to reading about history: Article by Andres Kasekamp: “Fascism by Popular Initiative: The Rise and Fall of the Vaps Movement in Estonia” (2015) In his 2015 article, Kasekamp comments (p. 156): “Using Stanley Payne’s typology of fascism [3], I have previously argued […]


I became interested in The Water Will Come (2017) after I heard that Miami real estate agents are decrying the talk of disappearing coastlines

At a previous post, I spoke about concerns expressed (as I understand) by Miami, Florida real estate agents, about people talking about receding coastlines. Such talk is bad for business, as I understand; if you want to keep waterfront land prices high, you don’t go around decrying rising waters. An email from Scott Munro (who graduated from […]


Ideology and evidence-based practice

Below are links that may be of interest. I have long had an interest in evidence and evidence-based practice. The value of evidence has been of interest for me for two reasons. First, as a reporter, I have learned the value of evidence, as it is practised in traditional print journalism. Secondly, I’ve had the […]


Churchill’s Ministry of Ungentlemanly Warfare (2017) provides a good overview of “irregular warfare” in the Second World War

Updates A July 13, 2018 Atlantic article is entitled: “The Russians Who Hacked the 2016 Election: Robert Mueller’s latest indictment reaches back to the origin story for the investigation into interference.” An Aug. 7, 2018 BBC article is entitled: “A French village committed to deception: Through an extraordinary campaign of non-violent resistance during World War […]