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The Meaning of Human Existence (2014)

I’ve been reading books about the 1950s and 1960s. 1959 Among them is: 1959: The Year that Changed Everything (2009). Chapter 20, “Seeing the Invisible,” concerns the work of the photographer Robert Frank, with a focus on the latter’s The Americans (2008). Frank Kaplan, the author of 1959, has a Ph.D. from MIT in political […]


Frank Miller’s Sin City: The Making of the Movie (2005)

This post concerns Frank Miller’s Sin City: The Making of the Movie (2005.) The film is of interest, in my view, particularly in the context of Military History and related topics. It reminds us of the subject matter of warfare and organized violence, in a way that a reading of a high school history or […]


Stories about storytellers (Douglas Gibson 2011)

Alice Munro wrote a letter to the head of Macmillan of Canada in March 1986 when Douglas Gibson moved from Macmillan to set up Douglas Gibson Books at McClelland and Stewart (M&S). In the letter she wrote of her desire to be free of her contract with Macmillan so that she could be represented by […]


Jane Jacobs “helped us see that roads and buildings and streetscapes encapsulated information”

I like Alice Munro’s comparison between her way of reading a short story, and the experience a person has when visiting somebody’s house. We all know how a house works, she remarks in the anthology entitled The art of the short story (2206), and “how it encloses space and makes connections between one enclosed space and another and […]