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Conserving Long Branch August 2017 – David Godley

Please note: Correct term is Toronto Local Appeal Body not Toronto Local Area Appeal Board. A minor point, that however bears noting. Following message is from David Godley * Attached file from David Godley   938SaveLB * August Already, Best Wishes from Long Branch by the Lake. Congratulations Peter Milczyn on being appointed Housing Minister. […]


Conserving Long Branch June 2017 Update 3 – David Godley

The following photo and attached messages are from David. Any Word document, that David sends, I convert at once into a PDF: 38 36th St 938coa[2] TLAB – Notice of Hearing The following message for June 2017 is from David Godley. Sometimes I fall behind in the posting of David’s messages. Today I’m catching up. David […]


Input from Jaan Pill of Preserved Stories regarding Feb. 7, 2017 Long Branch Guidelines Draft

As a rule, I make it a practice to avoid posting my own input with regard to ongoing public consultations such as the Long Branch Guidelines Draft. Instead, I just send in my comments and then I forget about it. My reasoning is that my own views are neither here nor there, in the wider […]


Committee of Adjustment and OMB decisions, it is alleged, at times contravene planning legislation. Allegations of professional incompetence also arise.

In a previous post I have shared a message from David Godley. David Godley is at <> and 416-255-0492. The attachments in the message include the following text from David Godley and Wanda Jurashek of Long Branch: coaissues You can read the text by clicking on the above-noted link. By way of bringing attention to the message, […]