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Not I (2013); George Sprott (2009); The Power of Habit (2012)

These are three great books; they work together well: Not I Not I: Memoirs of a German Childhood (2013) “A portrait of an intellectually rigorous German household opposed to the Nazis and how its members suffered for their political stance.” George Sprott George Sprott: 1894-1975: A Picture Novella (2009) “The life of a small-time Canadian […]


A great presentation is the opposite of a what a stage magician does: Edward Tufte (1997)

“Explaining Magic: Pictorial Instuctions and Disinformation Design” is the title of Chapter 3 in Visual Explanations (1997) by Edward Tufte. Visual Explanations (1997) The chapter provides one of the best accounts that I’ve encountered anywhere about how to make a presentation. In essence, Tufte says: “Do the opposite of what a stage magician does.” I […]


Two Cheers for Anarchism (2012) began as a large undergraduate lecture course on anarchism

Some years ago, James C. Scott taught a large undergraduate lecture course on anarchism in order to educate himself about the topic, and to figure out his own relationship to it. Scott’s conceptualization of anarchism includes a focus on “voluntary co-operation without hierarchy” and a celebration of “the inventiveness and judgment of people who are […]