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Many means are available for study of fair trade coffee

Among the academic lenses available for study of fair trade coffee is ethnographic research. Ethnography is similar to the work of a reporter or documentary maker but within a prescribed academic framework. The level of detail, however, and the amount of immersion into everyday life, appears greater than what a reporter would deal with. Ethnographic […]


Stage magic and Fair Trade coffee

By way of an introduction: 1) Truthiness refers to sense making in the absence of evidence. 2) What does the work of stage magicians tell us about how the mind works? The link to a May 3, 2008 Boston Globe article about this topic can be accessed at the previous sentence. The article notes that […]


The Big Sleep (1946) demonstrates the effective application of screen direction, sound, lighting, and editing

The Big Sleep (1946) demonstrates four characteristic film techniques. The techniques – applied in the opening credits and scenes of The Big Sleep (1946), based on  a novel (1939) by Raymond Chandler – are: (1) screen direction as described in Cinematic Storytelling (2005), (2) Foley sound, (3) film lighting, and (4) sound and picture editing, as these items […]


David Godley’s travel report from Hawaii

I like from time to time to share reports, articles, and viewpoints from a wide range of visitors to the Preserved stories website. Such items do not necessarily represent my own views, and do not serve as my endorsement of particular viewpoints. I like to post such reports because I like the Preserved Stories to feature […]


Fruit and vegetable intake: five a day may not be enough, scientists say (April 2, 2014 Guardian article)

An April 2, 2014 Guardian article is entitled: “How many portions of fruit and vegetables are we eating?” The Guardian article is based upon research published in the Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health. Several articles, based on research at University College London, have appeared online. The research report – I heard about it when […]