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Additional comment from Colleen O’Marra regarding the colonel

Colleen O’Marra writes (regarding Colonel Samuel Smith’s artifacts): The Town of York, 1815-1834 (edited by Edith Firth) makes just a few references to the disappointing “half-pay” officer slogging it out forty miles west of York.( his farm at 41st Street and Lakeshore Bvld.)Massive oak and pine,access by boat only and difficult even on horseback,a visit […]


Blurbs define us and tell us who we are

It’s great to have a Twitter account and a blog, because they offer a person a way to organize her or his thinking and learn from other people. My topic concerns the nature of reality. How do we make sense of reality? We have available to us a wide range of academic, corporate, and political […]


Mobile phones kill more drivers than booze does, police say, sparking long weekend crackdown (Aug. 30, 2013 Globe and Mail)

Updates A Jan. 30, 2014 Globe and Mail article is entitled: “Distracted driving now deadlier than impaired driving.” A Feb. 4, 2014 CBC article is entitled: “Cellphone use behind the wheel could be stopped with technology.” The subhead reads: “Distracted driving’s potential to kill or injure others needs preventive policy now, Canadian doctors say.” An […]


Evil Men (2013)

The following blurb at the Toronto Public Library website highlights a study by James Dawes – presented in a fractured structuring of transcripts and commentary – entitled Evil Men: Presented with accounts of genocide and torture, we ask how people could bring themselves to commit such horrendous acts. A searching meditation on our all-too-human capacity for […]


On August 21, 2013, I attended a small-group Lakeview Waterfront Connection Environmental Assessment meeting

At 6:00 pm on August 21, 2013, I attended a meeting at the Long Branch Legion with about eight or nine local Toronto residents and about the same number of officials connected with the Lakeview Waterfront Connection Environmental Assessment project. I look forward to the large-scale public consultation that will occur early in October 2013. […]


List of comments (as of August 10, 2013) related to Lakeview Waterfront Connection Environmental Assessment

I’m pleased to share with you the following list of comments received as part of the consultation related to the Lakeview Waterfront Connection Environmental Assessment, including most recently the targeted outreach at both Marie Curtis Park and Lakefront Promenade Park. This list, which has been circulated by Kate Hayes, Manager, Ecosystem Restoration, Credit Valley Conservation, […]


Continual learning and patient-focused practice in health care and 226 square feet of shelter

I’m pleased to share with you the headlines and opening paragraphs or other excerpts from several articles. 1. From Britain, here’s to your health (André Picard) From the middle of the article, two paragraphs: Dr. Berwick’s report begins with some general but important observations: Patient safety problems exist, to varying degrees, in every health system […]