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Keep your head up. ‘Text Neck’ can wreck your spine.

A Nov. 20, 2014 NPR article is entitled: “Keep Your Head Up: ‘Text Neck’ Takes A Toll On The Spine.” The opening paragraphs read: “Text neck,” the posture formed by leaning over a cellphone while reading and texting, is a big problem, according to the author of a newly published study in the National Library […]


The Twilight of Human Rights Law by Eric A. Posner is out in November 2014

I came across an article, “Against Human Rights,” by Eric A. Posner in the print version of the October 2014 Harper’s Magazine. The opening paragraph of the article can also be accessed online.  Update: At a Dec. 4, 2014 Guardian article you can read the rest of Eric Posner’s overview regarding human rights law. [End of update] I found the […]


Eat your vegetables; the research is persuasive

I’ve had reason to pursue evidence-based practice in the course of my life and to eschew truthiness. I’ve made it a practice to eat my vegetables, based on research evidence published in the Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health, and highlighted in a previous post. More recent posts include: Excerpts from: Fruit and vegetable consumption and all-cause, […]


Stage magic and Fair Trade coffee

By way of an introduction: 1) Truthiness refers to sense making in the absence of evidence. 2) What does the work of stage magicians tell us about how the mind works? The link to a May 3, 2008 Boston Globe article about this topic can be accessed at the previous sentence. The article notes that […]