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Provisional list of MCHS ’60s (and other decades) students/alumni/teachers who have passed away

In a previous post, we have listed and discussed MCHS Sixties students, alumni, and teachers who have passed away.

At the MCHS ’60s Reunion on Oct. 17, 2015 at Old Mill Toronto, we will have a display of photos and texts, with as complete a list as we are able to put together prior to the event.

Please contact us is there are any corrections or additions to the provisional list. Please let us know of any spelling corrections.

If you know how we can get in touch with Jack Mullaste’s widow, Jeanie, please let us know. Jack was friends with many people from MCHS, in the years after graduation. I knew him when I was a child and adolescent, since we were both members of the Estonian community in Montreal.

A discussion thread regarding this post can be found at the Malcolm Campbell High School Grads Facebook Group:

The above-noted post has extensive discussion concerning MCHS alumni who have passed away.

Links to three MCHS Facebook Groups including the MCHS ’60s Reunion Group can be accessed here.

1. Jenning Dai

2. Leo Hoyos

3. Eva Hoyos

4. Harry Boshouwers

5. John W. Scott

6. Heinz Schlutz

7. Steven Suter

8. Jeffrey Habberfield

9. Brian Habberfield

10. Steve Troester

11. Jason Fistouris

12. Ulrike Amarica

Frank Deacur. Graduated 1970, passed away 2012.

Frank Deacur. Graduated 1970, died in 2012.


Michael Fehringer. Graduated 1965, died in 1972.

13. Michael Fehringer (graduated 1965, died 1972)

14. Frank Deacur (graduated 1970, died 2012).

15. Floyd Creatchman (passed away 2003)

16. Eric Ginsberg (passed away 2002)

17. Irwin Zoltak

18. Teddy Jacobson

19. Allan Wade

20. Chris Wade

21. Brenda Mason (car accident)

22. Annie Sinay (car accident)

23. Jennifer Margot MacLaughlin, Class of 68

24. Jim McGowan, teacher

25. Jack Leroy, vice-principal

26. Jack (Jaak) Mullaste, MCHS ’63, 11F, passed away on on January 18, 2005. A number of his friends including Howard Hight of Boston who knew him well are seeking to get in touch with his widow Jeanie. If you can help in that quest please contact Jaan Pill at

27. Elaine Hughes passed away on May 28, 2004 from cancer.

28. Louie Berna is another MCHS grad who has passed away.

29. Jan Barclay, Class of ’68, passed away in April 1992 from cancer, leaving behind her husband Chuck and children Seonaid and Lochlann

30. Richard Moore, son of Dickie Moore, died at age 16 in a tragic car accident on the Laurentian Autoroute on Aug. 23, 1973. He was on his way back from his cottage. It had been raining. His car hit a concrete arch on the Autoroute near Laval. His classmates graduated in 1974.

31. Lynda Moodie (Class of 67)

32. Robert McMaster (Class of 69)

33. Ketia Penny

34. Peter Parsons (Class of 69)

35. Stephen Searle (Class of 69)

36. Ruth Ann Morris (Class of 71)

37.  Elizabeth W. Crone passed away in November 2013 at the age of 92. She taught English and history at MCHS from 1963 to 1967 when she transferred to Riverdale. We owe thanks to Mrs. Crone’s son, Robert Crone (Class of 71 and Morison School alumnus), for sharing these details with us.

38. Jack Mackenzie who taught math at MCHS passed away back in the 1980s. Jack Mackenzie and his wife were avid photographers.

39. Mrs. Meeks passed away 2 or 3 years ago (as of 2015) in Ottawa. You can access her obituary here.

40. Rodney Gosselin, MCHS Class of 71 and Morison alumnus, passed away about 5 years ago. Robert Crone (Class of 71) reports: “Rodney Gosselin was a big quiet fellow I’d known since kindergarten. We sat together at dinner at the big Y2K reunion. Rodney retired from his job on a Friday about 4 years ago… he passed away in his sleep that night and was dead before he could enjoy the first day of his retirement.”

41. Bryan Thompson (Class of 68)

42. Pamela Gardiner Chapatis (Class of 63). Pam passed away in September 2005 at age 59 from cancer in Ottawa, Ontario.

43. Janneke Vander Baaren (Class of 67? – we await confirmation) died in 2008 of brain cancer.

44. Barry Catel (Class of 71) died in Oct 1974 in motorcycle accident.

45. Donald Hylands (class of 72) died on Nov. 30, 1974, while attending Guelph University, of leukemia.

46. Marty Butler (Class of 62) died on Feb. 10, 1995.

47. Michael Caluori – Class of 69 passed away

[I will catch up on adding a few other names as well. My apologies for the delay. My plate is full with volunteer work. Which I don’t mind. But it means that some things take time. Your patience is appreciated. Please drive safely.]

48. We look forward to help with fact-checking related to the following Comment from Lynne (see her Comment below): “Heard that Michael Archambeau ’71 and Jane Galler ’71 also died. Cannot confirm details but John Kovac may know. Also  Jamie Hoddess (’71).”

49. Gerald Chernabrow, passed March 14, 2013.

50. Victoria (Vicki) Karalis, who attended Ahuntsic School and graduated from Malcolm in 1967. Passed away in 1983.

51. Richard Snow (class of ’65 or ’66) passed away in a car accident November 19, 2009.

52. David Godsell, class of ’67. Passed away on July 29th, 2004 from cancer.

53. Debbie Campbell passed away from leukemia in Grade 10 during the 1967-68 school year.

54. Carole Kubes (1969 grad) passed away in May 2014.

55. Malcolm McLean Kelly passed away on June 16, 2015 at the age of 86. Malcolm was a high school science teacher. He taught in Scotland until he was recruited by the Protestant School Board of Greater Montreal and came to Malcolm Campbell High School, where he taught for over 25 years, and was Head of the Science Department, until it closed, after which he taught at Sir Winston Churchill until his retirement. Source: Online obituary at J.F. Cardinal Funeral Home.

56. Vernon Ikeda, class of ’78, passed away on July 14, 2014. His obituary can be accessed here.

57. MCHS history teacher Bob Hill passed away on June 18, 2015. Click on link in previous sentence for a post about Bob Hill.

58. Penny McCormick, who went to MCHS, passed away in January 2014.

59. Tom von Eicken (11B, 1962; married to Linda Chow) passed away in Anshan, China on May 6, 2003, after a year and a half of teaching and travelling throughout China.

60. Linda Chow (11E, 1963; married to Tom von Eicken) passed away on March 31, 1998.

61. Bonnie Wilson (MCHS ’64)  died on May 6, 2014.

62. Jo-Ann Brodeur (MCHS ’73) has passed away.

63. Karin Lambertz died of cancer on December 22, 2013 in Phoenix Arizona.

64. Kai Voigt (MCHS ’63) has passed away. His obituary can be accessed here. He was President of a company called JUDO Water Treatment Inc.

65. Alan Gough passed away in 1993; he attended MCHS from 1961 – 1965.

66. Melanie Gough Legg passed away in 1999; she attended MCHS from 1968 – 1971.

Alan and Melanie’s sister, Susan (Gough) Schneider, adds: “I posted previously about Alan and Melanie Gough, Alan died of a heart attack from complications of his Type 1 diabetes, and Melanie passed away from breast cancer, she fought hard until the end, as she left a set of 13 old twin girls, and a 15 year old son. I miss them dearly.”

67. MCHS Alumna Marilyn Moens has passed away.

68. MCHS Alumnus Allan McEwan has passed away.

69. MCHS Alumna Doreen Smith has passed away.

70. MCHS Alumna Kay Brick has passed away.

Cheryl Phaneuf notes: “I know of four MCHS alumni that have passed. These friends are not recent deaths but I do appreciate the opportunity to remember them by name : Marilyn Moens; Allan McEwan; Doreen Smith; and Kay Brick. All lived in my Montreal North neighbourhood – cherished high school friends.”

71. Gary Tinker passed away some years ago.

72. Bonnie Greer passed away some years ago.

73. Lynne Campbell passed away in Belleville, Ontario some years ago.

74. Louis Hodess passed away on January 23, 2013.

75. Jayne Galler Berman, MCHS graduate and wife of MCHS grad Bob Berman, passed away on September 4, 2012 .

76. Margaret Smeall, class of ’63, died about 1977 (aneurism).

77. David MacRitchie, class of ’63, died August 11, 2003.

78. Metha Bos, class of ’63, died August 14, 2014.

79. Fred Ramcharam, a teacher that one student remembers as being a very kind man, passed away some years ago.

80. Louis Elvin [spelling? I will check], who who taught cello and conducted the orchestra, passed away some years ago.

81. Mannie Destounis passed away on February 9, 1978.

82. Mike Savaas passed away some years ago.

83. Pam Ireland-Mason died in July 2015.

84. Nelson Hughes (MCHS ’63) passed away three or four years ago.

85. Dave Henderson (MCHS ’64) passed away in 1993.

86. Sheila Booth has passed way, in the Vancouver area.

87. Sheila’s brother Craig Booth has passed away as well.

88. Grace Lesniak (MCHS ’73) passed away from cancer on July 25, 2000.

89. Christine Attallah passed in 2012 after a horseback riding mishap.

90. Diane French (MCHS ’63) passed away in 2000 at age 55.

91. Gordon Gilmour, phys ed teacher, passed away some years ago.

92. Roger Pierlet (MCHS ’68) died in March 1974 in the line of duty as an RCMP constable.

93. Richard Alan Holmes b. July 24, 1944 in Edmonton, Alberta – d. May 27, 2010, Pointe Claire, Quebec.

94. Malcolm Campbell, after whom the school is named, passed away in 1963.

95. Bob Saul, MCHS math teacher and administrator, passed away on Dec. 24, 2015.

96. Krista LUNIN (later known as LEE) died June 30, 2010.

97. Bob Seto in a Facebook post has shared the following message: “Katherine Seto Evans, MCHS class of 68, passed away Saturday morning, March 12, 2016 in Toronto. Kathy and husband Gary Evans met at MCHS in grade 8 and married in 1972 upon graduating from McGill University. They have two sons, Matthew and Ryan.”

98. Margaret Smail passed away in Toronto on July 4, 1988.

99. Charles John Mermelstein (“Charlie”), born December 21, 1953, passed away May 24, 2009.

100. Peter Lupsity passed away in 2007. You can access his obituary here.

101. A Facebook post on April 11, 2017 has informed us that Jimmy Davlouros has recently passed away of a heart issue.

102. John Knopp (class of 1981) passed away on  May 22, 2017 at the age of 53 at his home in Mississauga.

103. Ellsworth Ritch passed away in 2009.

104. Grace Wong passed away in 2013.

We remember them all. They remain in our thoughts and memories.


105. Sheldon Mazoff passed away in 2017.

106. Alfred Joseph (Kalkapersad) Ramcharan, born 07 September 1923, in Victoria, Trinidad and Tobago, passed away on 10 March 1988 in Montreal. His career as a math teacher is celebrated in a post entitled: Ken Kingsbury is doing research on Alfred Ramcharan, who was a teacher at Malcolm Campbell High School.

107. Sheldon Mazoff passed away in February 2017.

108. Gerry (Gerald) Chernabrow, who graduated about 1974, passed away in 2013.

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45 Responses to Provisional list of MCHS ’60s (and other decades) students/alumni/teachers who have passed away

  1. Marty Stockton says:

    I seem to recall that when the reunion for the 1969 class was being organized, we were told that Peter Parsons had passed on. Bruce Goodman or Gary Parker could confirm.

    • Jaan Pill Jaan Pill says:

      Do you have contact details for Bruce Goodman or Gary Parker or would you be able to contact them to confirm? Would Peter Parsons have been MCHS ’69?

      • Bruce Goodman says:

        Hi everyone…
        I will check my records from our MCHS 69er reunion that we had in (yikes) 1999! Hard to believe that it was that long ago.
        Regretfully, additional names that can be added to the list are 1969 graduates Carol Kubes (just in the past few months, in Montreal), Bonnie Greer a number of years ago, and Lynne Campbell who passed away in Belleville, Ontario some years ago. I think there are a few others and will let you know. Bruce Goodman

  2. Doug Hambley says:

    Others to add to the deceased list include:

    Lynda Moodie (Class of 67)
    Robert McMaster (Class of 69)
    Ketia Penny

    • Jaan Pill Jaan Pill says:

      I have added the names. Do you know of a person we can contact to find out what year Ketia Penny graduated?

  3. Bruce Goodman says:

    Re Peter Parsons: Yes, he is deceased. And also Stephen Searle. Both were MCHS 69ers, and both were deceased at the time of our reunion in 1999.

    • Jaan Pill Jaan Pill says:

      I much appreciate the definitive information, Bruce. This is what we need to ensure that we do our fact-checking as we proceed to build the list.

  4. Carmen Zakaib (Carpenter) says:

    Are the obituaries for only those in the ’60s.? I know of a woman of my graduating class in ’71 who died; problem is I don’t recall the exact date. Her name was Ruth Ann Morris. I understand she died of cancer.
    Thank you
    Carmen Zakaib

    • Jaan Pill Jaan Pill says:

      That’s an excellent question, Carmen. What we are involved with, now that I think about it, is a community self-organizing process. We’re working together to compile a list of MCHS students/alumni/teachers who have passed away.

      It makes sense, for me as one of the people involved with compilation of the list, to ensure that the list extends beyond the 1960s. I’ve revised the title of this post, in response to the question. So long as we know the graduation year, or the era in which a student attended, it’s easy enough to list those who have passed away, whatever the graduation year or academic year that they were a part of.

      In some cases we don’t have a graduation year, in cases where a student passed away prior to graduation.

      Similarly, the Oct. 17, 2015 MCHS ’60s Reunion at Old Mill Toronto is for any person who attended MCHS at any point in the 1960s, even if they started in the 1960s and graduated from MCHS in the 1970s, or even if they attended MCHS in the 1960s and then dropped out and/or went on to graduation from another high school, in Montreal or anywhere else.

      I will add Ruth Ann Morris to the list. If anyone reading this blog post has additional details about her life and death, please let us know.

  5. Diane Creagh says:

    Bryan Thompson passed away he was in the graduating class of 68

    • Jaan Pill Jaan Pill says:

      I have added Bryan Thompson to the list. Each update is of value, and is much appreciated. Each alumna or alumnus who has passed away remains in our thoughts and memories.

  6. It was sad and yet, somehow, warming to see those names remembered – and to connect them with the younger people I knew.

    Jack Leroy appeared at my door over twenty years ago – and I had not seen him for many years before that. I don’t even know how he found me. I realized within minutes that he was dying, and that he knew it, too. I can’t remember now whether I took him to the hospital or an ambulance did.

    I last saw Jim McGowan a year or so before he died. He had been teaching for years in Japan, returning in summer to his farm near Cowansville. In his early sixties, he was still much the same Jim I had known when we were in our twenties.

    I had expected to see him the next summer. But he died in his sleep on the night he returned. It was a heart attack. I believe his wife, Anne, died not long ago.

    I hear, occasionally, from Bob Hill. He’s very much withdrawn now – and with health problems.

    I last saw Mrs. Jelinek about ten years ago, much unchanged, but looking shorter for some reason. And I last saw Miss Carr at the airport as I was returning from China. She was heading for retirement in BC.

    I hear from George Allan regularly. though I’ve not seen him in fifteen years.

    I’m also in regular e mail touch with Mrs. Rosenberg, though I rarely see the Rosenbergs because they’re always on the move to various parts of the world. She really hasn’t changed much since school days. She’s recently back from some months of helping villagers build houses in some Asian jungle. She likes to be busy.

    I haven’t been in touch with Mr. Kelly. But many years ago, back in the 70s, I taught his daughter. She was much prettier than him.

    I remember we used to call Mr. Doig “Deputy Doig”.

    My crushing moment came about 1955 when I was supply teaching at Morison school, and I overheard two kids talking.

    “Who’s yer supply teacher today?”

    “Oh, we got old man Decarie.”

  7. Jaan Pill Jaan Pill says:

    We began the provisional list after you posted a comment at a previous post, some time back. We owe you many thanks for prompting us to get the process, of making a list, underway. At the reunion at Old Mill Toronto on October 17, 2015 we’ll have a display, with photos and brief texts, commemorating the lives of MCHS alumni and staff who have passed away.

    One person I was speaking with on the phone a while back said that Jim McGowan banned football at MCHS because he knew of a student who died while playing football at another high school. I would be interested in corroboration, from any source, of that story.

    Around the time of the MCHS 2000 reunion, someone mentioned that Mr. Gilmour, the Phys Ed teacher who made a practice of jogging to school in the mornings, died many years later while out jogging. Again, I would be interested in corroboration, from any source, of that story.

    From discussions at the Malcolm Campbell High School Grads Facebook Group, it’s clear that Mrs. Jelinek was still teaching in the 1970s. She is remembered fondly by many students. Some students also remember that she didn’t put up with nonsense, as a teacher would perceive it, in the classroom. I imagine she grew shorter as we all do, as the disks between the vertebrae of the spine become thinner with the passage of the years.

    I heard years ago that Miss Carr (who was my Trigonometry teacher in Grade 10, 1961-62) and a number of other MCHS teachers were living in British Columbia after retirement. Quite a few MCHS alumni have also settled out that way. Occasionally, you can find a place where the configuration of the mountains and water is such that it’s sunny much of the time. My recollection of Vancouver, where I lived in the late 1960s and early 1970s, is that it’s absolutely beautiful when it’s sunny but there can also be long stretches of rainy days. On the other hand, the Fraser Canyon, as I recall, has lots of sunshine all the time.

    I guess to primary and elementary students, anybody over age 17 looks pretty old. Up until about the middle of Grade 4, students also tend to be convinced that the older folks must be pretty wise, as well.

    At our April 1, 2015 MCHS Sixties Reunion organizing meeting in Kitchener, a recording of which I’m listening to this weekend, in order to write an MCHS 2015 blog post, Gina (Davis) Cayer shared a reflection about the aging process that I hadn’t thought about before. She noted that some people start to look old at a very young age, and maintain that appearance all the way through, whereas some people look young for a long time and then, all at once, a change occurs and a person starts to present the appearance, that we all know so well, that we associate with the passage of the years.

    I recently took some time off from the volunteer work, associated with the MCHS 2015 reunion, in order to work on tax returns. It was great to have a break from volunteer work, and I’m now back at work on the reunion, with increased energy. The experience reminds me of how great it is to take a break, to have a rest, from time to time, especially as the years accumulate. I’ve also been reminded of the adage that, “In life, there are two things that we can be sure about, and that is Death and Taxes.”

  8. Betty Jett says:

    Pamela Gardiner Chapatis was class of ’63 (not ’73 as listed). Thanks for correcting this.

  9. Jaan Pill Jaan Pill says:

    I have made the correction; I much appreciate your help on this.

  10. Billy Bibok says:

    Michael Caluori -Class of 69 passed away

  11. Jaan Pill Jaan Pill says:

    I much appreciate the update, Billy.

  12. Lynne says:

    Heard that Michael Archambeau ’71 and Jane Galler ’71 also died. Cannot confirm details but John Kovac may know. Also Sheila Booth (’73?) Louis Hoddess (70?), Jamie Hoddess (’71)

  13. Wendy Chernabrow says:

    Thank you for the information…so sad. You may have already included to publish, if so, please excuse this note ~ my brother, Gerald Chernabrow, passed March 14, 2013.


    Wendy Chernabrow Class of 71

  14. Jaan Pill Jaan Pill says:

    I much appreciate your update, Wendy, with regard to the passing of your bother Gerald Chernabrow. I have added his name to our list. I much appreciate you taking the time to share the information about your brother. Putting the list together is very much a collaborative effort. Help from all sources is much, much appreciated.

  15. Jaan Pill Jaan Pill says:

    Louise Salhany has added a message via Facebook:

    I graduated from Malcolm in 1967. A name to add to the students who are no longer with us:

    Victoria (Vicki) Karalis, Ahuntsic School and graduated from Malcolm in 1967. Passed away in 1983.

  16. Jaan Pill Jaan Pill says:

    I much appreciate the addition, Louise. I’ve added Victoria (Vicki) Karalis to the list. As well, I’ve noted that the MCHS 2015 website has a page that lets people know, as best as we can arrange it, who has registered so far for the MCHS 2015 Reunion and who is on the Reunion Database. This is a page that may be of interest to quite a few people:

    In some cases, people have indicated at the MCHS ’60s Reunion Facebook Group that they will be attending, but they may not yet be on the Database.

    In order to be added to the Reunion Database, MCHS alumni who attended at any point in the ’60s, or close enough to the ’60s, are requested to send an email to Howard Hight at or to Diana Redden at

  17. Barbara Godsell says:

    Sad to report my brother David Godsell , class of 67. Passed away on July 29th, 2004 from cancer.

  18. Jaan Pill Jaan Pill says:

    I have added David’s name to our list, Barbara. I appreciate you sharing the information. Each person is remembered; their lives are commemorated.

  19. Gary Lambertz says:

    Karin Lambertz (Died December 22,2013 in Phoenix Arizona) Cancer

    • Jaan Pill Jaan Pill says:

      I have added Karin Lambertz to the list. I much appreciate the information. I am really pleased that we began work on this list, some time back, and that we have been able to get information from so many people.

  20. Jaan Pill Jaan Pill says:

    The passing of every MCHS graduate or would-be graduate warrants our remembrance. I have added both names to the list. I much appreciate you sharing the information with us.

  21. Jaan Pill Jaan Pill says:

    Charles Tsiang has shared, at a post devoted to Jenning Dia, the following comment:

    I remember Jenning Dai very well. He lived around the corner from me in Roxboro. His mum and dad were good friends of my parents since Dr PL. Dai worked at ICAO in the Aviation Bldg in Montreal with my father. I was in my sophomore year at MIT that Spring and was confined to the infirmary with mono. My parents didn’t tell me about Jenning’s accident until I got home that summer. I recall that he had a younger sister who perhaps went to SUNY Pottsdam or Stony Brook. It was such a tragedy. There weren’t many other high school aged Chinese kids in the area in those days. Just Jenning and Peggy and Linda Chow over in Amabaie.

  22. Tim Hewlings says:

    Hi Jaan,

    Here are a few more that did not seem to be on your list.
    Margaret Smeall class of ’63 died c1977 (aneurism)
    David MacRitchie class of ’63 died Aug 11, 2003.
    Metha Bos class of ’63 died August 14, 2014.

  23. Steven Lesser says:

    I am sad to learn of classmates and teachers who are no longer with us.

    I’m sure that many of us have fond memories of Fred Ramcharam, a math teacher. I remember that his homeroom class (class of ’72 IIRC) dedicated their Class Choir competition to him. They sang Neil Sedaka’s version of “Little Devil.”

    To your growing list I’m afraid I must add Grace Lesniak ’73 who lost her battle with cancer on July 25, 2000.

    • Jaan Pill Jaan Pill says:

      I have added 89. Grace Lesniak (MCHS ’73) to the list. I appreciate the update. There is value in having all of this information together.

  24. Jaan Pill Jaan Pill says:

    Sue Holmes writes:

    Richard Alan Holmes b. July 24, 1944 in Edmonton, Alberta – d. May 27, 2010, Pointe Claire, Quebec.

    Rick worked at CN after leaving Malcolm Campbell. He married Susan Fellows and they had two daughters. After their divorce, he married Saundra Cleary with whom he had a very loving relationship until his death. Rick sang in the school choir, he played volleyball and basketball and was a prefect. Rick, Susan and his sister Sue formed a little trio and often sang together at family gatherings. (Susan played the autoharp and Sue played the guitar). Rick had a very beautiful singing voice and one of his claim-to-fame songs was “Danny Boy”.

    Jaan, if you want three songs that could be played in the tribute I would suggest these three: A Legend in My Time by Johnny Cash, The Song that Nobody Sings by Willie Nelson (there is another guy who sings it too if you can’t find Willy) and someone’s recording of Danny Boy.

  25. Nikki King says:

    Thomas Herbert VON EICKEN passed away in Anshan, China on May 6, 2003, after a year and a half of teaching and travelling throughout China. (a tribute to his wife, Linda née Chow). I don’t know precisely when Linda died. I knew them both, and my sister swam competitively with Tom’s sister Claudia. Also deceased is my classmate Krista LUNIN (later known as LEE). She died June 30, 2010 in Ashland, KY, USA of bone cancer. She and I had known each other (& our families) well for many years during and beyond school.

  26. Jaan Pill Jaan Pill says:

    I much appreciate you sharing these details, Nikki. I have added the information to the list. There is so much value in the sharing of such information. We owe thanks to each person who has helped us and is continuing to help us, in this project, which is aimed at keeping alive the memory of classmates and teachers from MCHS who have passed away.

  27. Roy Kaufman says:

    Re. Ulrike Amarica, that is the correct spelling. Not Ulrika. (I was a friend of hers in the early 1970s.)

    • Jaan Pill Jaan Pill says:

      I much appreciate your note, Roy. I have changed the entry, as we now have the correct spelling. It’s good to have the confirmation of the spelling.

  28. Ray Deacur says:

    Thanks for the memories

  29. Jaan Pill Jaan Pill says:

    We owe thanks to every person who has helped in the compiling of this information. We owe thanks as well in particular to Graeme Decarie, who taught History at MCHS in the early 1960s, for sending an email or making a Comment (I forget which; it was quite a ways back in time, as we look back now), prompting us to start to put together such a list at this website.

  30. Deborah Mermelstein says:

    Please post a remembrance for my brother Charles John Mermelstein (“Charlie”), born December 21, 1953, passed away May 24, 2009.

  31. Jaan Pill Jaan Pill says:

    I much appreciate the update, Deborah, regarding your brother John. I have updated the list. As we note at the post, we remember them all. They remain in our thoughts and memories.

  32. Jaan Pill Jaan Pill says:

    I much appreciate the update, Rita. I have added Peter to our list.

  33. Jack Mari says:

    We lost Sheldon Mazoff this year (2017)

  34. Jaan Pill Jaan Pill says:

    I much appreciate the update, Jack. I have added Sheldon to our list.

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