We are pleased to share with you our Attendees List:

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Date: The event took place on Saturday, October 17, 2015. From comments we have received starting right after the Reunion, we can state that the event was an outstanding success.

Event Committee: Jaan Pill, Lynn (Hennebury) Legge, Peter Mearns, D. Scott Munro, Gina (Davis) Cayer.

Database Team: Howard Hight, Diana (McLagan) Redden

Entertainment Subcommittee: Barbara Sayfy, Heather Anne Liddell, Noreen McMillan

Welcome to the Malcolm Campbell High School
2015 Reunion & Celebration of the ’60s!

The Reunion was open to anyone who attended Malcolm Campbell High School, in Montreal, any time during the 1960s. Teacher, student, graduated from MCHS or from another school, it made no difference. For a moment in time we all shared a common experience during a unique era. Sixty alumni and a DJ and two official photographers joined us for the event. From the information I currently have, 64 people registered in the category of MCHS alumni/teachers and 60 actually attended meaning the total attendance (adding the DJ and photographers) was 63.

We have been sending out a regular Newsletter. This has served as our primary means of sharing news and information related to the Reunion. Post-Reunion highlights are planned for the Newsletter, for the MCHS 2015 website, and at the Facebook pages where we share updates.

Who was the key player at the event?

Every MCHS graduate at the Reunion (along with the one teacher, Soryl (Shulman) Rosenberg) was the star of the show. That was the point of the exercise.

Who was invited?

Any person who was at MCHS in the 1960s!

All students, teachers, and staff who were at MCHS in the 1960s were eligible to attend the MCHS ’60s Reunion & Celebration of the ’60s.

If you attended the school at any time in the 1960s, you were eligible to attend the reunion. If you started attending in the 1960s and didn’t graduate until the 1970s, you were eligible. Teachers and other staff who were at the school during 1960s were also welcome to attend.

Who attended?

See link at top of this page.

Registration fee

The fee was $150 for single tickets and $250 per couple of tickets, where one person is an MCHS graduate or a former student or teacher. We put together an online video, entitled “What Do I Get for $150?” to answer a frequent question about the Reunion. A second video that we put together, “Why Toronto Not Montreal?”, had the purpose of answering another frequently asked question.


We've arranged for special reunion rates at Old Mill Toronto and also at Stay Inn (pictured above). Jaan Pill photo

We’ve arranged for special reunion rates at Old Mill Toronto and also at Stay Inn (pictured above). Jaan Pill photo

We made arrangements for a special room rate at the Old Mill Toronto and at Stay Inn:

I am in the process of creating a Post-Reunion version of this website. This is as far as I have gotten to date (Oct. 19, 2015).

Click here for Accommodation Details >


Parking at Old Mill Toronto is free for all attendees at the reunion; each attendee will receive a parking pass, which will be displayed on the dashboard of your car.


We encourage alumni who are travelling from the same city to share the ride; we also encourage people to explore the benefits of Megabus, which serves as an inexpensive and comfortable means of travel.

May 2015 photo shows the school building, formerly the site of Malcolm Campbell High School, as it looks now. Scott Munro photo

May 2015 photo shows the school building, formerly the site of Malcolm Campbell High School, as it looks now. Click on the image to enlarge it. Click again to enlarge it further. Scott Munro photo

Click here for Transportation Details >

What’s planned?

Following is just a taste:

  • We’ll start at 6:00 pm on Saturday, October 17, 2015 with a meet and greet.
  • There will be a fun display of memorabilia.
  • We are working on a project to create DVDs based on PDF files of MCHS annuals from 1961-62 to about 1975, and to distribute them at the reunion. This is a labour-intensive task but we believe we have enough time to complete the project before October 17, 2015.
  • Also a non-stop display of PowerPoint slides with a focus on the “Before” and “After”.
  • We’ll have a display of photos and texts about students and teachers who have passed away; we’ll have a playlist of ’60s music that includes songs and performers that particular students, who are no longer with us, are known to have been especially fond of.
  • We will also play Stay Awhile, the recently released documentary about The Bells, one of whose singers, Jacki Ralph-Jamieson, graduated from MCHS in 1962. The doc will play continuously on a separate screen, at the reunion, which people can stop to view at any time
  • Buffet dinner at 7:30 pm.
  • A dance follows later in the evening featuring a DJ all your favourite songs from the ’60s.
  • People who just want to chat will have plenty of quiet places where they can meet old (and new) friends and catch up on the past half-century.
  • The event officially ends at 1:00 am. But that could be just the start.
  • Spouses, children, grandchildren, and friends are welcome.

We welcome your suggestions

Please visit the Main Event page to read more about current plans and to send us your feedback. Check out the Reunion News page for more details and to download the latest Newsletter.

How can I help?

Please let us know if there is some area, related to the planning and staging of a reunion, that you would like to help us with.

Jacki Ralph-Jamieson (MCHS ’62) of The Bells. The photo is from the 1961-62 MCHS yearbook. At the reunion we’ll have a non-stop screening of Stay Awhile (2014) a documentary about The Bells. One of our blog posts about MCHS Stories features a review of the documentary.

You can also help by contacting classmates that you know from your years at MCHS. Word of mouth advertising about the reunion is a key part of our outreach efforts!

Keep in touch

MCHS alumni Howard Hight of Boston and Diana Redden of Vancouver are looking after the MCHS 2015 Database. They send out a regular Reunion Newsletter which serves as our primary means of sharing news and information related to the reunion. Please email Howard Hight at hahight@gmail.com or Diana Redden at retiredredden@telus.net to be added to the database.

10 replies
    • David Sloan
      David Sloan says:

      Hello Mr. Wilde, You taught our Grade 6 class at Millar School in the 1966/67 school year. We’ve been collecting memories of that time on Facebook and other sites. Please drop me a note when you have a chance.

      Best Regards,

      David Sloan
      P.S. One lasting memory from that year was a class detention where you burst out laughing and let us go early.

      • Jaan Pill
        Jaan Pill says:

        I’m pleased to say that with help from several people, Bruce Wilde and David Sloan are now in touch with each other.

  1. Jaan Pill
    Jaan Pill says:

    Follow-up message from Jaan Pill:

    Hi Diana and Howard

    My apologies – I think I may have missed this message at my website from my elementary school-days friend Bruce Wilde.

  2. Allan Nicholls
    Allan Nicholls says:


    Bill Hayworth reached out to me recently about this reunion.

    Sounds great!

    I would love to be included and hope that I can make it, although for a traveling guy, it is hard to tell where I will be?

    I wanted to mention that in terms of music, I could offer up the “JB & The Playboys” Anthology CD and possibly the offer of a performance by members of the band. I was the lead singer of the band in the 60’s and we played a couple of dances at MCHS…perhaps we could recreate a moment in time?

    Let me know.


  3. Jaan Pill
    Jaan Pill says:


    Wonderful to read your message!

    I have copied this message to the Database Team. They will contact you in the event you are not on the Reunion Database.

    I’ve also copied this message to the Event Committee. It is my hope that one of the members of the Event Committee will get back to you and discuss your kind offer further. (I look forward to updates!) From my perspective as an organizer, it would be awesome to include a performance, of the kind you have mentioned, at the Reunion. I have shared your message with the organizing team, as they are the decision makers on all key matters related to the Reunion.

    We much look forward to keeping in touch with you, in keeping the conversation going, as we get closer to the Reunion!



  4. John M Kerr
    John M Kerr says:

    Was there any guy not in love with Jacki Ralph? Great to see Alan Nichols’ comment. Used to watch him at St Laurent High dances, and his brother was a good friend of my brother, not to mention having a great band. What about the big band of the time, The Beaumarks. Clap your Hands.


    I went to BHS from 1964 to 1969. Influenced by Gordon Gilmore I went on to be a Physical Educator at Lakshore/Lester B Pearson school. Thirty three wonderful years at Beaconsfield High School. I also remember Ms Rosenthal. High School was six of the best years of my life.
    It would be great to get in contact with any students and staff from the 60s 🐸

    • Roy Mercado
      Roy Mercado says:

      Hi Stephen – you were a couple of years older than I and though we were not intimate friends I do remember you very well. You lived several streets east (perhaps around Desy Street ?) from my street Desaulniers in Montreal North. I seem to recall you have been unfortunately involved in some sort of vehicle mishap. I also remember Mr. Gilmore in his red jogging suit arriving on cold winter mornings as our bus arrived at Sir Malcolm Campbell. He was the inspiration which led me to complete 3 full marathons here in Montreal.
      Wishing you the best,
      Roy Mercado


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