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Can you help us to set up online video conferencing for the MCHS 2015 Reunion?

Can anyone help with these projects? If you can, please contact us.

1) Nancy Renz has posted in MCHS ’60s Reunion:

“Just a suggestion – there are many websites “What was happening the year you were born” It might be fun to consider for the reunion printing these out from 1960 – 1970ish as What was happening the year you graduated. I just did 1967 my grad year and so many interesting thing I had forgotten – or never knew in the first place!! Just a suggestion!!”

Great suggestion  from Nancy Renz

That’s a great suggestion, Nancy. We’ve now set up a separate page at the MCHS 2015 to keep track of projects that volunteers may be interested in taking on. If you are interested in helping out with implementing the above-noted suggestion, please contact Jaan Pill at

The People History from 1800 to Present Day

As a follow-up to the suggestion from Nancy Renz, Gina (Davis) Cayer has found a great site that is well worth mentioning, from what I can assess from an initial visit:

Click here to access the The People History website >

2) Scanning of MCHS Yearbooks

Comments at Malcolm Campbell High School Sixties Reunion Committee met in Kitchener on June 16, 2014:

Ron Cooper and Brenda (Hope) Payn wrote:

We understand that you are looking for 65-66 year book, please advise if you still need the info we have a hard copy, we could scan and send if needed.

Jaan Pill wrote:

We do now have a copy of the 65-66 yearbook. However, we would indeed like to take you up on the offer to scan it and send us the scan (PDF is best) of the yearbook.

It is unlikely we will have the money, in the Reunion Budget, to have the yearbooks scanned at some facility that specializes in such scanning. We are also very short of available time, with many yearbooks that we need to scan and many other volunteer tasks that need to be addressed. Thus if you can do the scanning, that would make a huge difference.

Our plan is to have a DVD, with the yearbooks from early 1960s into the later 1970s, in each Grab Bag for each Attendee at the Reunion.

Update:  Klaas Vander Baaren, who also set up the MCHS ’60s Reunion Facebook Group on behalf of the organizing committee a long time back, is currently scanning the MCHS yearbooks from 62 to 67. If anyone can help with scanning of yearbooks into the middle or later 1970s, please let us know. Klaas has completed the 1961-62 scan and has sent us the 50MB file via Dropbox.

Update:  Gerry Garnett and Diana Kouri are also helping with the scanning.

3) Video Recollections

Another high school reunion project – in Alderwood in south Etobicoke (Toronto) – is using video interviews, before and during their reunion, to put together video recollections. For the MCHS 2015 Reunion, if you would like to help out with such a project, please let us know.

4) PowerPoint project

We are putting together photos of Alumni along with brief texts about them. Would you like to help out with this project? Please contact if you would like to be involved with this aspect of planning for the Reunion.

5) Sharing of stories via person-to-person conversations

We have had some initial discussions to date regarding people who want to share stories at the Reunion, with the assembled Alumni. We’ve decided (at any rate, as of July 28, 2015) that we’re not going to have a series of speeches at the event. Just one Alumnus (at this point, at his request) is scheduled to speak for five minutes. Any teachers who turn up, who would like to speak, is free to speak. Aside from that, we do not have any speeches planned, although varied people from the organizing team will say a few words related to the proceedings. By way of example, Lynn (Hennebury) Legge will outline how the ice-breaker at the start of the event, the Business Card Game, will proceed.

Our aim is to present a Reunion where every Attendee is the star of the show. We are interested in getting together, catching up on news mainly via conversations, on a person-to-person basis.

It will be a great idea to share photos from the Reunion, after and during the event. In that regard, in  the event you DO NOT WISH to have your photo online, please inform Jaan Pill  before or during the event, so that we can let everybody know what your preferences are, in that regard.


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