For anybody interested in oral history, a 2012 paper by Sheyfali Saujani warrants a close read: Empathy and Authority in Oral Testimony: Feminist Debates, Multicultural Mandates, and Reassessing the Interviewer and her “Disagreeable” Subjects

At a June 7, 2019 MCHS luncheon in Kitchener, we met Tony who graduated in 1972, and Gail who was meeting Lynn for the first time in fifty-five years! Most recent luncheon was in Woodstock

In August 1991, the first-ever Canadian conference of people who stutter took place in Banff, Alberta

I was impressed with Deanna Kreisel’s Aug. 8, 2020 Medium article, “The Unraveling of ‘The Unraveling of America.'” Good show!

2020 Canadian Stuttering Association (CSA) Conference goes virtual – November 7 and 8, 2020

The best that historical inquiry can do, historian John C. Weaver of McMaster University notes, is to promote questioning