I enjoy making presentations. They’re an important part of my work.

I’ve appeared in media interviews across Canada and received awards as a volunteer and educator. I’ve made keynote presentations to national and international audiences, and have spoken at local schools and meetings.

I’ve overcome a severe stutter, which is a story that people like to hear about, as many misconceptions exist about what stuttering is and how best to deal with it. I’ve spent twenty-five years doing volunteer work on behalf of people who stutter, with a focus on public education and media relations.

Much of my volunteer efforts are now focused on information sharing, related to local history and other topics, in my local community.

The following comments following a talk to the Women’s Canadian Club of Toronto are typical of the feedback I’ve received over the years:

  • We are all much more informed then we were and I heard a lot of people comment on your tenacity and strength.
  • On behalf of the Women’s Canadian Club of Toronto, I want to thank you again for taking the time to share your incredible journey. What a success story!

Videos of my presentations are available on Vimeo.

Here’s blog post I’ve written about public speaking.


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