Grade 7 photos from Elmgrove School – with thanks to MCHS grad Susan Holmes Nash

Government of Canada labels microbeads as ‘toxic substance’ – June 30, 2016 Globe and Mail article from Canadian Press

A June 30, 2016 Globe and Mail article from Canadian Press is entitled: “Government of Canada labels microbeads as ‘toxic substance’”. The opening paragraphs read: The federal government has officially listed microbeads as a toxic substance, giving it the ability to ban the plastic beads used in cleansers. An online notice published Wednesday says the […]

A compelling writing style? For Graeme Decarie, it began with watching the minister at Crystal Springs United Church

Here’s a question that relates to the writing of Autobiography Stories. I am pleased to share the following June 29, 2016 email interview with Graeme Decarie: Jaan Pill: You have a compelling style of writing. You make great use of short paragraphs – a style that is characteristic of newspaper writing. That’s the preamble to […]

The Sceptered Isle: Pre-Brexit travel report from David Godley

Following travel report is from David Godley of Long Branch. I have included just one photo; I will add more when time permits. David, thank you for including the headings! This makes my work as a blogger much easier, when the headings are already in place. David Godley writes: The Sceptered Isle, Spring Sixteen * […]

Comments from Graeme Decarie regarding Brexit

Graeme Decarie:  Jaan, Can you please send me a copy of my chapter 1? Or tell me how to find it on the MCHS site? The one on my word pad is all messed up. I just had a post from Phillippa (McGowan). She’s Jim McGowan’s eldest child – and she’s my goddaughter – whom […]

A number of bike thefts have occurred in Long Branch recently

According to a recent series of messages at a Long Branch Facebook Group that I belong to, a number of bicycles have been stolen recently in the area. I mention this so that you can ensure that you do what you can to protect your bike from theft. Having a photo of your bike, and […]

Urban Design Guidelines Pilot Project has been launched in Long Branch

Update: A more complete and highly informative  overview of the contents of the Feb. 7, 2017 Long Branch Urban Design Guidelines Draft Document  is available at the website of Ward 6 Councillor Mark Grimes. We owe thanks to Councillor Grimes for the role that he and his office have played in the initiation and development […]

Any thoughts to a Malcolm Campbell High School 2017 reunion? Question from Gerry Maffre, MCHS class of ’67

We’ve had a recent discussion at the webpage entitled: Malcolm Campbell High School. I’m sharing it as a separate post by way of bringing attention to it: Gerry Maffre (June 25, 2016 at 11:44 pm): Any thoughts to a 2017 reunion? Gerry Maffre class of ’67 Jaan Pill (June 26, 2016 at 6:31 am) Good […]

Chapter 2: Family

Below is Chapter 2 of the draft of Graeme Decarie’s autobiography story. Graeme, as noted at a previous post, encourages MCHS grads to write their own stories. We are posting chapters from his own work in progress, as a way to encourage other people to write their stories. If you have a draft chapter in […]

The CN Tower turns 40 and one man’s obsession is to tell its stories – June 24, 2016 Toronto Star

Click here for previous posts about Robert Lansdale and his father Bob Lansdale > A June 24, 2016 Toronto Star article is entitled: “The CN Tower turns 40 and one man’s obsession is to tell its stories.” The subtitle reads: “The CN Tower isn’t some natural outcropping: Robert Lansdale wants you to know about the […]