Grade 7 photos from Elmgrove School – with thanks to MCHS grad Susan Holmes Nash

We’ve had some good discussions about Elmgrove School recently on Facebook and in comments at this post:

 Question from Claire: Is this the same Cartierville School that I attended 1970-71 in its first year as a “French Immersion School”?

Here is a picture (posted with her permission) from Susan Holmes Nash of the grade 7 class at Elmgrove Elementary School in St. Laurent that she attended. This is Mrs. Johnson’s class, Room 2, 1958/59 class picture.




From left to right:

Back Row: Betsy Clarke, Carol Ibey, Anne Preston, Ellen Miller, Anna Veenstra, Gloria Robinson, Arlene Shulman, Lynn Smiley.

3rd Row: Donald Pearce, David Valliers, David Westgate, Howard Eisenberg, Clinton Webber, Robert Cooper, Mike Milburn, Stephen Gray.

2nd Row: Paul Newell, Roy Meany, Fred Shiri, Sonia Herman, Sylvia Orlean, John Kerr, Sydney Cohoen, (Mrs. Johnson).

Front Row: Betty Monroe, Julie Perly, Janet Carson, George Fowler, Susan Holmes, Hellen P., Ellen Baynton, Judy Shwartze.

Second photo




The second photo is Mrs. Chevrier’s class, Room 7, 1958/59 class picture at Elmgrove Elementary School. Susan does not have the names of the students.

If you click on the photos, you can slightly enlarge them


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  1. Jaan Pill
    Jaan Pill says:

    It’s a delight to see photos in my case particularly the one that includes the names. I recognize several of the names and faces – of students I knew later at Malcolm Campbell High School! I much enjoy learning more about Elmgrove School.


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