Can the Alexander Technique help people who stutter speak more fluently?

After his defeat in Russia (1812), Napoleon Bonaparte lost for a final time at the Battle of Waterloo (1815)

As residents, neighbourhoods, and societies, we become what we imagine ourselves to be

The concept that we become what we imagine ourselves to be (or what we pretend ourselves to be) is from a quote in a book by Kurt Vonnegut, Jr. The concept also brings to mind a line from William Blake, who speaks of people who became what they beheld. I came across both concepts somewhere […]

Public education about stuttering: Stuttering 101 – Globe and Mail, Dec. 9, 2010 (that is, twenty-ten)

My father’s photo album from 1936 Berlin Olympics prompts my reading of Richard J. Evans’s trilogy about Nazi Germany

I have long been pondering how to approach the writing of a post about my late father’s 1936 Berlin Olympics photo album. The photo on the right was taken in Tartu, Estonia in 1936 or earlier. The photo, which is available online and is also featured in my father’s 1936 Berlin Olympics photo album, is of […]

Press report regarding Brown University research has some serious problems

Hal Roth of Brown University has shared a comment (please see below) regarding the previous version of the current post. He wrote: I am a co-author of the above study. The Press summary of the study is seriously erroneous and incredibly oversimplified. The Study did NOT conclude that men were not affected by studying mindfulness […]

Stuttering – A Listener’s Guide: The video has now been viewed over 800 times at

Some years ago, I put together a video that has now been viewed online over 800 times.     Editing of such videos is time consuming and requires expertise, but can result in great online materials. The video that I put together, based on a presentation at an event in North York some years ago, […]

Stuttering – A Listener’s Guide: I’m pleased this 2011 video is still being viewed on Vimeo

For over twenty years, before I got involved with other volunteer work, I was actively involved as a volunteer working on behalf of the worldwide stuttering community. This twenty-one minute video, edited by Steven Toepell of Bohemian Passport Services, is based on a presentation that I made at a meeting of the North York Kiwanis […]

Precarious establishment: Cinema Canada article from 1978 about Canadian independent film production in the 1970s

Daniele Rossi of the Canadian Stuttering Association (CSA) recently attended the Nordic Stuttering Seminar 2016 in Finland

I’ll be presenting a workshop on Oct. 22, 2016 in Toronto at a conference of the Canadian Stuttering Association (CSA), on the anniversary of the 25th anniversary of its founding. The association, of which I’m a co-founder, was launched at the first-ever national meeting go people who stutter, which was held in Banff, Alberta in […]