Stuttering – A Listener’s Guide: The video has now been viewed over 800 times at

Some years ago, I put together a video that has now been viewed online over 800 times.



Editing of such videos is time consuming and requires expertise, but can result in great online materials. The video that I put together, based on a presentation at an event in North York some years ago, has been seen over 800 times at The key in this case was the use of two video cameras, set up at tripods at different angles, so that the video content would be of interest. As well, we recorded a separate sound track, with a digital recorder close to the speaker, so that the audio would be better than what is available from an in-camera audio recording.

For the above-noted presentation, I spent many weeks (maybe even months) preparing and rehearsing the content. That was among the keys to the success of the video.

Then, as a last step, for the above-noted video, I paid for professional video editing, in this case by Steven Toepell of Bohemian Passport. I mention this, by way of a reference to what’s involved, in the preparation of good-quality online videos. Such productions can be done, but it requires the kinds of steps that I have outlined. I’ve learned these things by trial-and-error over the years. Nothing occurs by accident. Planning is the key element for success.


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