My Story as a Stutterer: Speaking notes for presentation at Nordic Meeting, Tallinn, Sept. 1, 2018

Graeme Decarie reports: I’m now considering a move to Montreal or Ottawa. Moncton is boring.

I am pleased to share the following message from the retired Concordia University history professor Graeme Decarie I’ve just been reading happy birthday e mails for August 27, 2018. I was surprised to find one just now from Diane Fagg. But it’s for August 27, 2017. I’m sure I didn’t see that last year – […]

Draft No. 2 of speaking notes: Sept. 1, 2018 Tallinn talk

Draft No. 2 goes like this: I am very pleased to be speaking with you today. The title of my talk is: “Everybody’s story matters.” I chose the title because, in my view, each of our stories is equally important. In the first 20 minutes of my talk today, I will share my own story. After that, I will […]

Local residents have expressed concerns regarding ‘community consultation’ process regarding 65 Fortieth St. in Long Branch

I have been following with interest recent email discussions concerning a proposed lot-splitting application, at the Etobicoke York Committee of Adjustment, for 65 Fortieth St. in Long Branch. A ‘community consultation’, regarding the application, has been set up for Thursday, Sept. 11, 2018 at 10:00 am to 12:00 pm, at the 2 Civic Centre Court […]

After intensive, two-stage letter writing campaign in 2011, former Parkview School site in Long Branch remains in public hands

Everybody’s story matters: Speaking notes for Sept. 1, 2018 Nordic Meeting (for people who stutter) in Tallinn, Estonia

Update: A second post, regarding this talk, is entitled: Draft No. 2 of speaking notes: Sept. 1, 2018 Tallinn talk [End]   Between 1988 and 2003, over a period of 15 years, I did a lot of volunteer work on behalf of people who stutter. Sometimes, I would work at this night and day. These […]

A local resident seeks photos of the original Long Branch Public and Continuation School that once faced Lake Shore Blvd. West

The following message is from a south Etobicoke resident named Stephen; if you can help him in his photo-search, please let us know!: I am a lover of history and have grown up in the area of Mimico and have family ties to Long Branch. I love this history that you share here. I currently work at […]

Albert McFadden seeks information about families living at Long Branch Army Camp in 1950s

Albert McFadden has given me permission to share the following message, from him: I believe my family (mother and 4 children) lived in the barracks in 1954 when Hurricane Hazel hit the area. The following day a bunch of us may have explored the aftermath of the storm and I remember seeing houses either floating on […]

Land-use decision making along the Lake Ontario shoreline is of much interest

By way of a news update, in the event anybody has an interest in such topics, we’ve recently sold our house on Villa Road and no longer live in Toronto. We have sold our house on Villa Road with thanks to great work by a great real estate team: In my new role as […]