James C. Scott (1972) argues that corruption, like violence, must be understood as a regular, repetitive, integral part of the operation of most political systems

Once you try fresh bread from Downie Street Bakehouse in Stratford, you realize what ‘real’ bread tastes like

In worldwide colonial history Indigenous peoples succumbed to disease arriving with settler society, were pushed aside to marginal lands, or were killed; many resisted

Serif fonts as alternatives for Times New Roman, and sans serif fonts as alternatives for Arial

Dictionary of Canadian Biography speaks of Colonel Samuel Smith in his retirement years – as the first settler landowner in Long Branch, following his years of service in War of the American Revolution

Can the term neoliberalism be turned into a useful analytic tool? Answer: Yes, it can

My interest in colonial and military history began with a study of local history in Toronto

World history of land use helps explain many things, including why African-American families are losing their land