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MCHS 2015 Sixties Reunion was held at Old Mill Toronto on Oct. 17, 2015. Walter Psotka photo

MCHS 2015 Sixties Reunion was held at Old Mill Toronto on Oct. 17, 2015. Walter Psotka photo

I graduated in 1963 from Malcolm Campbell High School (MCHS) in Montreal.

We’ve set up an MCHS 2015 website some time back in connection with our Oct. 17, 2015 MCHS ’60s Reunion.

Over the past twenty years I’ve been meeting regularly for lunch in Toronto with one of my high school friends, Scott Munro of Dundas, Ontario, a geography professor, now retired, at the University of Toronto.

At times other high school classmates have joined us including Christine Hamilton, Howard Eisenberg, Peter Mearns, Carol Cassis, and Tim Hewlings among others.

As a follow-up to these meetings, I’m pleased to say that planning is now under way for a 1960s Malcolm Campbell High School Reunion to be held on Oct. 17, 2015 at Old Mill Toronto.

The MCHS 60s Reunion & Celebration of the 60s category at this website will feature updates regarding the early 1960s MCHS reunion.

We welcome comments, questions, and participation in the planning process.

We also have separate categories for MCHS Biographies and MCHS Stories.

If you’re just learning about the ’60s Reunion just now, please note the deadlines:

Deadlines and events related to Oct. 17 MCHS ’60s Reunion & Celebration of the ’60s

Hope to see you at this great event!

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  1. Myrth GAIL Howell de Vries
    Myrth GAIL Howell de Vries says:

    So sad to hear that I missed the 2015 Reunion. My family left Quebec, in 1963, and so have not been in contact with classmates from 1960-1963. My best friends at school were Lynda Spence, Barclay Allan, Dawson Campbell, Brent Holden, Linda McCracken, Bruce McKay, and many more. Are you able to help me touch base with any alumni from those years?

  2. Jaan Pill
    Jaan Pill says:

    Good to read your message, Gail. We will make an effort to help you to touch base with the MCHS alumni that you mentioned.

    • Rob Wilde
      Rob Wilde says:

      Hi Jaan
      Just for a lark I thought I’d google MCHS and came up with this site. If memory serves me which sometimes it dosen’t, you and your family resided on the same block of Lavigne St. as we did.
      The four of us being Bruce, Doreen, Earl and myself all attended MCHS. My sister lost a battle with cancer a few years ago but the three boys all reside in BC. Bruce in Vancouver. Earl is in Victoria and I live in Campbell River on Vancouver Island.
      Unfortunately, I didn’t know about the reunion last year as the three of us may have attended.
      Good to see people staying in touch. Maybe we’ll make the next one.
      Rob Wilde

  3. Jaan Pill
    Jaan Pill says:

    Hi Rob

    Wonderful to read your message. Yes, I lived with my family on the same block on Lavigne St. as you did. I am saddened to know that Doreen is no longer with us.

    I was in touch with Bruce in connection with the MCHS 2015 reunion, although he was not able to attend. He did attend a get-together that took place in Vancouver I guess around 1992 or thereabouts. If you do a search at this website for Sue Brady at this website, you will find some photos (including of Bruce) from that event.

    It’s wonderful that people are staying in touch. There’s been talk of a possible future reunion in Vancouver; quite a few MCHS grads live out in B.C. Sue Brady would be a good person for you to get in touch with; if you want contact information in that regard, please let me know. Among the ways to reach me is via email at and via Facebook Message at Jaan Hendrik Pill on Facebook.

    There’s also been talk about a future reunion in Montreal. When we organized a reunion for Toronto, some people asked, “Why not in Montreal?” Our answer was that the majority of the key organizers lived in the Greater Toronto Area. In the event there are grads in Montreal who would like to organize a future reunion, that would be awesome.

    Among the projects, connected with the MCHS 2015 reunion, is the sending out of a DVD of MCHS yearbooks, from 1962-63 ago 1973-74, to any MCHS grad who would like the set of yearbooks. I’ve recently sent out quite a few, in exchange for a donation from the recipient to help cover the mailing and production costs. Each person attending the Oct. 17, 2015 reunion at the Old Mill in Toronto received a copy of the DVD.

    A lot of people worked together, prior to the reunion, to help with scanning of the yearbooks, and to lend us copies of the yearbooks. I’m really pleased that project worked out so well.

    As you would have noticed, on your visit to the MCHS 2015 website, which is a part of the Preserved Stories website (it being less expensive that otherwise to set things up that way), quite a few people have shared memories and in some cases also photos from their years at MCHS. If you or your brothers would like to do the same, I will be delighted to post such material, which would be of interest to many people, at the website.

    I remember both your Mom and Dad, Rob. I would be interested to know whether you or Early was the younger son in the family. One of the details that I’ve remembered about your parents is that your mom was a track star when she was younger.

    I also remember two neighbourhood boys, Allan (or Alan or Allen) and Russell Ross, who lived across the street. I think they may have also had an older sister named Margaret and an older brother whose name I forget. I remember the older brother was a good hockey player. Next to you lived a family of boys who had immigrated from Germany. Their names were Rudolf, Hans, who were fraternal (non-identical) twins, and they had an older brother named (if I recall correctly) Peter.

    One house over, to the north of where you lived, Carol McCowan lived on the same side of the street as you. Across the street from her was Elizabeth Holmes, who I think had a younger brother. I don’t recall if Carol McCowan had any brothers or sisters. Between your house and Carol’s house was a French Canadian family, who had a daughter about our age. I remember their lawn had lots of flowers and garden arrangements, all neatly organized.

    Further down the street, closer to where I lived, was the house where Christine Hamilton lived. I’ve been in touch with Christine for the past decade or so, as she would sometimes meet for lunch with Scott Munro, a classmate from MCHS, in the Greater Toronto Area from time to time. Christine is now in Victoria. She was;t able to attend the reunion, but she shared some helpful ideas that helped us in the organizing of the event.

    I also recall that Rosemary Hall lived still further down the street, closer to Forbes.

    Organizing a reunion involves quite a bit of work. I’m pleased that our Toronto reunion worked out well, and that the MCHS 2015 website continues to serve as a great way for grads to get in touch with each other.

  4. Jaan Pill
    Jaan Pill says:

    Good to read your message Gerry.

    Yes, there has been discussion about a 2017 reunion in Montreal.

    By way of example, Gina (Davis) Cayer, who was a member of the organizing committee for the successful 2015 reunion at Old Mill Toronto on Oct. 17, 2015, has posted a message on Facebook not too long ago indicating (as I recall) that she has been in touch with people who have an interest in staging an MCHS reunion in Montreal in 2017.

    I’m also aware that Gary Lambertz, who attended the MCHS 2015 reunion and who lives in Montreal, has expressed interest in the organizing of a future reunion in Montreal.

    I believe there is interest in such a reunion. I would much enjoy attending such an event. I would also like to help out by spreading the word about the idea for a get together. I would be pleased, as well, to offer strategic advice about the planning process and steps, for whatever value it may have, as a person who was involved in the organizing of the MCHS 2015 reunion.

    However, my own major task at this point is to tie up loose ends – such as posting more photos (and some videos) from the MCHS 2015 reunion to my website, and distributing photos to some people that I’ve promised to distribute selected photos to – from the MCHS reunion that was held in Toronto in 2015.

    There is tremendous value in the organizing of such a reunion. If there are MCHS grads from the 1960s and 1970s who might be interested in organizing such a reunion, I can help out by spreading the word. If a person has an interest, I would suggest that contact Gina Cayer and/or Gary Lambertz via Facebook or they can send a message to the Preserved Stories website, via a Comment, or they can send me an email at

  5. Daniel McPhail
    Daniel McPhail says:

    I was searching on-line to find some contact information for classmates from 1969. I use to live in Ahuntsic. Our family then moved to Cartierville (Lavigne St near de La Salaberry).
    I attended the 30year reunion in Montreal back in 1999. It was a terrific event.
    I am now recently retired from ROGERS, don’t hate me.
    If there is ever another MCHS event in Montreal or Toronto I would like to attend.
    Keep well.

  6. Jaan Pill
    Jaan Pill says:

    Greetings Daniel,

    I lived on Cartierville north of rue de Salaberry when I attended MCHS, graduating in 1963.

    Occasionally varied MCHS grads meet for lunch in Toronto. The small group that I meet with gets together usually in south Etobicoke.

    If you or any other MCHS grad are in Toronto (residing or visiting) and would like to join a small-scale MCHS lunchtime get together at some point in future, please contact me at

    There’s been talk of a future MCHS reunion in Montreal. In the event the planning gets underway, I will share at this website whatever information the planners may wish to share.



  7. Brian Davis
    Brian Davis says:

    hi – both my parents Raymond George Davis and Joyce Patricia Beaulieu (both passed) attended the school and I am looking for any details/information/copies of yearbooks from the early 60’s.

    Brian Davis
    647 274 3281

  8. Jaan Pill
    Jaan Pill says:

    Hi Brian,

    Good to read your comment. We have a DVD available of the PDF versions of the MCHS yearbooks from 1961-62 to 1973-74.

    If you can send me your Canada Post mailing address, I can mail the DVD to you. We ask for a small donation to help cover the costs. The yearbooks were put together as a project for the MCHS 2015 Sixties reunion, held in Toronto in October 2015.



    • Cheryl Vince
      Cheryl Vince says:

      Hi, I would very much like to gain a copy of my yearbook from Malcolm Campbell High School graduation 1964. Would you have access to a copy?

      Thank you,
      Cheryl Vince

      • Jaan Pill
        Jaan Pill says:

        Hi Cheryl, I’ve sent you a link with access to the 1963-64 yearbook. Please let me know in the event you are not able to access the folder.

        We owe many thanks to several people across North America who worked together to create PDF files of the yearbooks from 1961-62 to 1973-74. We used these files to put together a DVD (as I recall, the format was DVD) which was distributed at the Sixties Reunion in Toronto in 2015. The work was done under a tight deadline. I’m really pleased that we’re now able to distribute these yearbooks electronically.

        I am inspired by the collaboration and hard work of the many people who have made it possible to ensure these yearbooks are now available.



  9. Gary M. Jackson
    Gary M. Jackson says:

    I think I was in the first graduating class which means 1962, not sure. Keith Henderson, Kai Voight, & Shelley Anderson were classmates if that helps. I would love to purchase a CD copy of that year’s annual.

  10. Jaan Pill
    Jaan Pill says:

    Greetings Gary,

    I will mail you the DVD soon at the address noted in your email, which I read today. Once you know the files will open on your computer, you can make a $5 donation to cover the costs. I’ll send you details on how to pay once we know the DVD works.

  11. Bob Carswell
    Bob Carswell says:

    Since I was the guy that came up with the original idea for the 40th anniversary YEAR 2000 reunion and also attended the 2015 reunion, compliments of the organizing committee, I would appreciate a copy of the annuals from that period as I did not graduate from MCHS but went on to night school at SGWEHS and in Sir George Williams University from there. To save postage you can deliver it to the next MCHS luncheon meeting at the Mandarin restaurant at Kipling and the Queensway in Etobicoke on Friday, May 25th at noon (for anyone out there who wants to join us that day who went to MCHS at any point in time,) The Mandarin was another of my wonderful ideas….hahaha

  12. Jaan Pill
    Jaan Pill says:

    That’s a good idea.

    MCHS grads who attend our MCHS luncheons (at which newcomers are always the stars of the show, in keeping with our philosophy of ensuring speaking time is shared more or less equally among us) can always get a copy of the yearbook DVD in person; in that way we do not incur postal costs.

    As a rule, for people receiving the DVD via Canada Post, we ask that people make a donation of $5.00 toward coverage of the costs associated (which would otherwise come out of my own pocket, for blank DVDs etc.) with the copying and distributing of the DVD.

    I’d suggest a couple of dollars would be a good donation in the case where we provide a DVD in person, such as when we meet at a restaurant.

    Occasionally, we mail out DVDs and there is no donation made in return, but fortunately that is a rare occurrence and in some cases people donate more than $5.00. So far, we have come out even with expenses, which is a great way to arrange things, from my perspective as a volunteer.

    We also owe thanks to the many people who helped the MCHS 2015 organizing committee to borrow and scan all of the yearbooks, in time for the Sixties Reunion at the Old Mill in Toronto on Oct. 17, 2015. That was a great event; I’m really pleased that we were able to organize and stage such a memorable reunion.

    The luncheon get togethers continue to be a great way, for anyone in the Greater Toronto Area, or any MCHS grad who is visiting Toronto, to meet.

    There is much to be said for sharing of information online. There is much to be said, as well, for face to face meetings in the analogue, non-digital world in which each of us spends at least a part of our day to day lives.

    As well, we are always keen to hear of other MCHS luncheons that take place in the GTA, in Montreal, across Canada, and around the world.

  13. Bob Tait
    Bob Tait says:

    Hi There:
    I grew up in St.Laurent in the 60’s.I only attended MCHS for one year (60-61).
    Even after all these years,I still remember names-Jackie Ralph,Dawson Campbell
    (was a neighbour) Linda Spence,James Silva was a friend,who I haven’t seen in
    a long time.Also Barkley Allen.Going on your web site, brought back some
    memories of years gone by.
    Thanks-Bob Tait

    • Sheila Preston
      Sheila Preston says:

      Bob Tait, was reading everyone’s comments- I was probably in your class for a short time. The 1st yr of MCHS, The caf. wasn’t even finished. Middle of winter. Busses full. I knew Jackie Ralph. Anyhow, played hookie, got caught & mom made me get a job. They transferred us from St. Laurent High due to MCHS being built. I lived on Cardinal. Alan Nichols was a neighbor, & Valéry Quinn was a good friend. My best friend was Heather Skillen from StLHS. She became a nurse. Wonder what ever became of everyone. The Ralph sisters made a record, Fly Little White Dove Fly – were called the 5 Bells. Alan Nichols was in Hair & Les Anglos? My claim to fame – famous neighbors.🤪 BTW, I finished high school, went into nursing, got my degree. Living in Fl for 30 yrs. All this reminiscing is wonderful. I would be interested in a yr book from 1961. I probably know some of the kids. Let me know if that’s a possibility. So fun talking😁

  14. Jaan Pill
    Jaan Pill says:

    Hi Bob:
    Wonderful to read your message. I’m really pleased to know that the memories remain, these many years later.

  15. Jaan Pill
    Jaan Pill says:

    Message of March 27, 2019 from Saro-Samuel Kaloussian:

    I go to that school now but it’s occupied by ecole armenien i did my research because my mothers aunt used to go there

    • Jaan Pill
      Jaan Pill says:

      It’s good to have the reminder that an Armenian school now is in operation at the building, these many years after we knew the building as Malcolm Campbell High School.

  16. Lauren Laprairie
    Lauren Laprairie says:

    I am looking for a Margaret Ross. Went to mchs I believe in the late 60s. It would mean a lot to me if anyone has any ideas of her whereabouts

  17. Sue brady
    Sue brady says:

    Hi, just came across this site. Contributed a few years back re a Malcolm campbell anniversary (1964 grad). Didn’t make the event in Toronto but recognize names from these postings.


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