Bob Carswell has two new books slated for publication

Cover for Visionquest by Bob Carswell set for publication in Summer 2024. Photo source: Bob Carswell

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Bob Carswell, who has previously shared many stories of interest at this website, has two book slated for publication in the United States.

The first book will be published by Rose Dog Books, an imprint of the Dorrance Publishing Company in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

A second book will be published by Authors Harbor in Houston, Texas.

Bob shares the following overviews:

This first book is a sci-fi fantasy about a British family whose name was soiled hundreds of years earlier by a jealous brother who stole money and buried it in the family castle. The location of the money was never found, and for the next few centuries, the property changed, with certain parts of the building being torn down. The face of a young girl appears in an old mirror, and with the help of the young girl, they find where the money was buried, as that part of the castle above ground is gone.

Cover for Twins of War by Bob Carswell. Photo source: Bob Carswell

My second book, TWINS OF WAR, is now being published in Texas and will be available on Barnes and Noble in a few weeks. It tells the stories of twins who signed up to fight in WWII. Some lived, some died, and one became a POW while his brother could not get to Europe to fight. There are chapter stories about 30 sets of twins and a combined chapter covering other twins where little details are available.

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