A proposal for development project in Stratford, between Queen Street and Trow Avenue on the north side of Ontario Street, has been referred back to planning staff; here’s a link to YouTube video of the meeting

Re: 90 Ash Toronto Local Appeal Body (TLAB) decision – refusal

MCHS grads met for lunch on July 22, 2021, at Long Point Provincial Park on Lake Erie

Landmark maple tree in Long Branch could soon be cut down to make way for new house: CBC News, June 2, 2021

Toronto has launched city-wide “missing middle” housing project, as Michael Mizzi explains at November 18, 2020 Long Branch Neighbourhood Association AGM

Heritage Toronto, Heritage Planning, and the Toronto Heritage Board: Similar in name, but not in mandate

Revisiting the Jane’s Walk principles in 2021: Text from Jane’s Walk website, to which I’ve added commentary

Long Branch community rallies as construction threatens to destroy 160-year-old tree – March 9, 2021 CBC article