What can be done to ameliorate conditions at Toronto South Detention Centre?

I was living in Toronto when the Toronto South Detention Centre was built. Some posts below provide background about the history of the facility.

The detention centre has been characterized as a hellhole and the news about the facility continues to be dismal.

What can be done? I do not know. I know only that there is something at play, in this story, that warrants attention.

Sentences lowered due to conditions

A Jan. 10, 2024 CP24 article is entitled: “Sentences lowered for kidnappers, shooters and drug traffickers due to conditions at Toronto’s ‘Guantanamo South'”.

An excerpt reads:

In the last year, records show at least 24 criminals have had their time in custody reduced because of repeated lockdowns, pest infestations and other harsh treatment at the Toronto South Detention Centre, located near Kipling Avenue and the Gardiner Expressway in Etobicoke, as judges give extra credit for time served in inhumane conditions, while critics say Ontario’s government is ignoring the problem.

A second excerpt reads:

While the jail used lockdowns as a way to deal with the stresses of the COVID-19 pandemic, the judges also identified the cause of many of the lockdowns as persistent staff shortages. That issue long predates the pandemic and persists today in ways that will make the public less safe when the inmates get out, Pearce said.

Previous posts

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