The visitors centre at the Toronto South Detention Centre looks spacious and airy

I have shared information about the Toronto South Detention Centre in a previous blog post.

A Nov. 26, 2012 article in The Grid (a publication that is now defunct) notes that:

“The Visitors Centre looks spacious and airy through the spotless glass walls, and rows of grey benches are lined up in the lobby. The sliding front doors have the feel of a shopping-mall entrance. (This is a far cry from the Don, where visitors had to wait outside until security buzzed them into a small, cramped room.)”

The image below is from the Nov. 26, 2012 article in The Grid. The image cannot be enlarged. The visitors centre is back from where the bus (on a representation of Horner Avenue) is positioned in the image. You will note that the walls of the visitors centre, which you can see when you walk or drive by the detention centre, are translucent.

The use of translucent surfaces as a way to welcome the public is a characteristic of contemporary architecture, as I have noted in a series of blog posts related to redevelopment of church buildings and other properties in Toronto.


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