Malcolm Archer requests that residents send comments regarding mature tree at 168 Lake Promenade in Long Branch

Malcolm Archer has shared with us the following information:

[To access the information posted on the front lawn of 168 Lake Promenade, please click on the photo (see below) a couple of times to enlarge it. The deadline for comments is May 2, 2013.]

Malcolm Archer writes:

Plans to build two large houses will result in major damage to the roots of this beautiful specimen.

If you share my concern that many of the large trees that make our neighbourhood so desirable are being damaged and removed to make way for over-sized houses on severed lots, please respond as directed by the sign.

Please also email Mark Grimes to tell him how much you are against this unnecessary damage and that you are concerned how the loss of large trees will change our community and property values.

Mark Grimes’ email is:


Mature Maple Tree. Photo supplied by Malcolm Archer


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