Coffee shop at the southeast corner of Bloor and Bathurst is closed, courtesy of pandemic

The R.M. Ballantyne Ltd. textile plant was built by a thread company, which ran into financial difficulties, and was first occupied by a motor company which built a bus, that startled the horses

Potentially ominous news: “I’m not at liberty to disclose them because they’re covered under a confidentiality agreement, but I can say that council, we’re looking at this,” Stratford mayor said

Provinces that acted faster (in alignment with public health science) have done better dealing with COVID-19

Dr. Chaim Bell Has shared a Dec. 25 2020 Twitter thread which I am pleased to pass along

If you live outside of Long Branch, and support the objectives of the Long Branch Neighbourhood Association, you can join as an associate (non-voting) member

Creative Visualization (1979) by Shakti Gawain outlines how to create your inner sanctuary, in the event you need one

Vancouver’s missing middle: Dec. 14, 2020 Tyee article highlights videos by Uytae Lee scrutinizing housing gap, between glassy towers and detached houses

Some notes related to land use (New York, Mississauga, Toronto, and Stratford); Mississauga meme has been: “No Tall Towers on the Lake”; will the meme survive?

Data visualization shared by David Pritchard of Ottawa (Dec. 14, 2020) again helps us to better compare Covid infection rates in Canada, as compared to the United States