Draft 3 of panel presentation: 30th anniversary of first national stuttering conference in Canada for people who stutter

Owner launches appeal against Town of Niagara on the Lake order to look after the Rand Estate

SORE (Save Our Rand Estate: Niagara on the Lake) nominated for cultural heritage landscape award

A person can find it useful to compare notes with people who’ve had similar life experiences

The histories of the world regions that Western military forces were stepping into were ignored or else were (among decision makers) beyond comprehension

“The first thing is to make this thing a war,” Admiral Gouveia e Melo said in an interview, recalling how he approached the job. “I use not only the language of war, but military language.”

Town of Niagara on the Lake issues order for protection of heritage attributes of Randwood Estate; online public hearing takes place Oct. 12, 2021

I’m preparing for a panel discussion about the launch of the Canadian Stuttering Association 30 years ago

Dr Ben Janaway: ‘They were polite, passionate and discursive. But they were trapped by fake information, and information they were not equipped to understand.’