75% of appliances break in 10 years or less, CBC poll finds; Kenmore, GE, Whirlpool named by Canadians as top appliance brands that break down

Feb. 27, 2020 message from long Branch Neighbourhood Association regarding Higher Order Transit designation along Lake Shore Blvd. West

Update from Sandy Donald of Long Branch regarding higher order transit corridor along Lake Shore Blvd. West

Interesting connection between 1930s Canadian radio drama and the design of the stage at the Festival Theatre in Stratford, Ontario

Open letter from Sandy Donald of Long Branch strongly opposes “higher order transit corridor” designation for South Etobicoke

Message opposing proposed illuminated signage at 200 Ridley Blvd, Toronto

Especially taking into account research in support of early childhood education, I strongly support the ongoing strike efforts of Ontario’s public school teachers

Those who face severe food insecurity (as I did years ago) often miss meals, or reduce their food intake