Feb. 27, 2020 message from long Branch Neighbourhood Association regarding Higher Order Transit designation along Lake Shore Blvd. West

The following message (I’ve broken some paragraphs into shorter ones) is from the Long Branch Neighbourhood Association:

Outcome of Higher Order Transit designation along Lake Shore Blvd. West

The proposed Official Plan Changes were Approved at City Council today with amendments.

OPA 456 was approved today with amendments approving Higher Order Transit along Lake Shore Blvd West. The amendments were in a form of a Supplementary Report penned by Chief Planner Gregg Lintern and his staff.

Your letters of concern to Councillor Grimes did make a difference. The LBNA met with the Chief Planner, City Staff and Councillor Grimes to discuss the effects of this amendment on Long Branch.

Figure 1 – Map 4 – Higher Order Transit Corridors – Draft of Official Plan Amendment, City of Toronto, October 2019

Our biggest concern was the approval of an LRT when the Waterfront Transit Plan 2018 didn’t recommend it after intensive study and public consultation. This change risked also potentially justify intensifying in Long Branch beyond along the avenue (Lake Shore) but ultimately not getting any improved transit. We support the recommendations made in the 2018 Plan for improving existing mixed traffic streetcar operations.

The result of the meeting was a compromise.

The Chief Planner added a Supplementary Report in response to the deputations from the LBNA at the Housing and Planning Committee on Jan 29, describing what this Official Plan amendment was intended to be – consistent with other plans with the intent of preserving Lake Shore Blvd West for the future beyond 2041.

This was in no way to be used as justification to intensify in neighbourhoods for an LRT that is not planned for nor budgeted for. And that any changes would require a comprehensive planning exercise including public consultation (see box below).

To solidify this, Councillor Grimes asked questions during City Council today to have a digital record that there will not be an LRT in the near future on Lake Shore nor should this be used as justification to intensify in Long Branch beyond the current site and area specific plans. You can see this 5 minute segment via the link below from today’s City Council meeting starting from minute 59:00.

Ideally, we would have liked to have this written into the Official Plan; however this Supplementary Report does help clarify the City’s intent with this amendment on what Transit will be in the near future and for now, development in Long Branch should not be influenced by this change.

Thank you for all your letters to get our concerns noticed. Without them, this report and the digital record would not exist.


Christine, Judy and Ron

Excerpt from Feb 25 Supplemental Report

The purpose of this supplemental report is to respond to a direction from Planning and Housing Committee to refer to the most current City policies in the Official Plan. The recommended amendments to the Official Plan endeavour to bring references to City policies in the transportation section of the Official Plan up to date. This report also provides clarification about the purpose of Map 4.

With respect to comments raised at the January 29, 2020 meeting of the Planning and Housing Committee, the definition of “higher-order transit” in the Growth Plan is quite broad. The identification of corridors on Map 4 as Transit Corridor Expansion Elements does not imply anything specific about the nature or timing of transit projects that may be built in the corridors.

The corridors are simply identified for general protection, and have been identified to be consistent with Metrolinx’s The Big Move and Regional Transportation Plan, among other plans as transit corridors. Enhancements in the corridors could take many forms and the details would be subject to a comprehensive planning exercise which incorporates public consultation, such as a Transit Project Assessment Process (TPAP).

The lines identifying Transit Corridor Expansion Elements on Map 4 do not confer any rights on property owners for increased densities or changes in land use. The Growth Plan minimum density targets around transit only apply to Major Transit Station Areas. The identification of Major Transit Station Areas first requires the locations of stations or stops to have been identified. This has not occurred for many of the corridors identified on Map 4. General Official Pan, Secondary Plan and Site and Area Specific Policies continue to apply, where applicable (e.g. Lake Shore Boulevard West Policy 21).

For full report click here >

What you can do…

This is a wakeup call for us all.

South Etobicoke has many resident associations, BIA and special interest groups that should have been invited as stakeholders for this Official Plan amendment and somehow we were missed.

To make sure you stay well informed you need to:

#1 Become a member of the LBNA

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#2 Subscribe to Mark Grimes e newsletter

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This is the Councillor’s method to reach out to the neighbourhood on events and issues and public consultations.

#3 Watch for and read those public meeting notices in the Star and the Etobicoke Guardian. Participate in the Public Meetings.

We are all busy but these publications often carry notices of public meetings and please do not hesitate to share any published items with the LBNA. Participate by attending or submitting comments as appropriate.

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