Are mental health awareness efforts contributing to the rise in reported mental health problems?: Interesting article

Storytelling depends upon the pragmatics of communication inherent in a conversation: the ball gets hit back and forth across the net

In Seeing Like a State (1998), James C. Scott outlines a faith-based, uncritical, high-modernist ideology which gave rise to historic twentieth-century disasters

April 21, 2023 New York Times article is a good-news story about bullying because it underlines that it’s possible to address bullying head-on

Addressing Power in Bullying is About Gender and Income Inequality – online talk by Wendy Craig, PhD, Queen’s University – slides and recording are available

‘Addressing power in bullying is about gender and income inequality’: Wendy Craig, PhD, April 18, 2023, University of Buffalo

CBC Tapestry: Basic Goodness – Episode 1: ‘You’ve pledged your body and soul’: sexual abuse allegations in the Shambhala Buddhist community”

To address bullying, we need to apply what has been learned from observational studies of children at play