Sump pump working really hard, at new 22 James St. severed-lot building in Long Branch

I am pleased to share with you (for purposes of discussion) the following message from Brian Liberty of Long Branch: Dearest staff of Municipal Licensing and Standards, It seems the problem child at 22 James and its ugly brother to the east have been passed along to your laps now – kindly see attached. On […]

Unearthing The Market (exhibit) at The Market Gallery ends March 18, 2017

The Unearthing The Market exhibit ends March 18, 2017. The details (address, hours, etc.) are at the poster on the right. Click on the poster to enlarge it; click again to enlarge ir further. The exhibit focuses on the archaeology of the North St. Lawrence market. After the exhibit the artifacts all go back into […]

Story of the week is Trump, Russia and the FBI; rest is a distraction: Feb. 25, 2017 Guardian

A Feb. 25, 2017 Guardian article is entitled: “The story of the week is Trump, Russia and the FBI. The rest is a distraction.” The subhead reads: “The White House reportedly tried to influence an active counter-intelligence investigation. All else, press ban included, is designed to deflect attention.” Updates A Feb. 24, 2017 CBC article […]

Ward 1 Councillor Jim Tovey shares Mississauga staff report concerning Coyotes (beautiful creatures)

Local Appeal Body for Toronto is still in process of being set up

I am pleased to share with you the following message, which has been sent to David Godley of Long Branch, who has been seeking information regarding the Toronto Local Appeal Body: Hello Mr. Godley, Thank you for your correspondence. I have forwarded your communication to the Chair of the Toronto Local Appeal Body to review. […]

Bert Eccles (MCHS 1968) shares his reflections about Malcolm Campbell High School in the Sixties

From time to time, I have asked MCHS grads, that I have been in touch with, if they would like to share some reflections about their elementary and/or high school years. I know from my own experience, in trying to write about events and experiences of years ago, that it takes a tremendous amount of […]

Humber Lakeshore has their tunnel exhibit this Saturday, Feb. 25, 2017. Check it out at 17 Colonel Samuel Smith Park Drive – G Building

The event is from 11:00 am to 5:00 pm. Click here for previous posts about Humber Lakeshore > Click here to locate the G Building on a Humber Lakeshore Campus Map >    

What do you think is meaningful community consultation?

Meaningful consultation is when the input from the community is genuinely taken into account. That includes the format snd detailed contents of whatever grows out of a consultation process. For example, does the community have the opportunity to offer input on the details of the final product, as in the editing of its contents? Or, […]

Houses of Parliament have Hansard. Courts have transcripts. What records does OMB provide of its deliberations?

A recent post is entitled: Feb. 17, 2017 Toronto Star: Contested Development – Parts 1, 2 & 3 in series about Ontario Municipal Board “wielding its unelected power” From my limited perspective and anecdotal evidence as a resident observing, and occasionally participating at, Committee of Adjustment and OMB hearings in recent years, my sense is […]

Deputation to the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing from Jim Tovey, Ward 1 Councillor, City of Mississauga and Region of Peel

This post is concerned with the current project, initiated by the Ontario government, to reform the Ontario Municipal Board. The deputation to the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing from City of Mississauga Ward 1 Councillor Jim Tovey (please see text below), has the following back story, which Councillor Tovey has shared with me: “The […]