Conversations with Teachers – MCHS 2015 reunion

We added this page during the planning for the MCHS 2015 reunion.

Among are greatest source of ideas, with regard to planning related to MCHS 2015, is Charles Tsiang, who’s served as the President of the Student Council in 1961-62. He has shared many valuable ideas with is via Facebook Messages, including the idea that we focus on reaching out to former MCHS Teachers, as part of our ongoing outreach efforts.

Charles has given us permission to share the following exchange of Facebook Messages with Jaan Pill:

Charles Tsiang: Jaan, our teachers were an enormous part of our MCHS experience. You’ve done so much via Mr. Decarie already but could you expand that by developing a list and trying to contact those still able to respond? Invite them to join the reunion or send their news.

Jaan Hendrik Pill: I will share your message with the organizing committee, Charles. II will also post a separate item about this topic. t makes sense to make an effort to contact more of the teachers.

Jaan Hendrik Pill (later): I made inquiries. Graeme Decarie said he is planning to attend. Soryl Shulman (Rosenberg) has also told me by email she is planing to attend.

Charles Tsiang: Terrific. I’m sure that will attract more interest in attending. Teachers were such important parts of the MCHS experience. Even if they aren’t coming, having a way for graduates to hear about teachers and to send them their greetings would be appreciated both by the senders and receivers.

Jaan Hendrik Pill: That is a great idea. A way to hear about teachers and a way to send greetings is a great concept. We will work on that! The quality of the planning, for the reunion, the quality of the network that is developed directly as a result of the planning, and the reunion itself, depends on the quality, I would day, of the ideas that circulate in relation to the reunion. The ideas come from many sources. In your messages to us you are among the best sources!

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  1. Wendy Robson
    Wendy Robson says:

    Just thought I d mention ( St L HS 67 here)
    how much I enjoyed stories of G Decarie, réunion and.. J B and the Playboys- although I don’t see anything about pics. I’m sending to fam member and former staff member 60s?) Marilynne Sinclair Holden who was Head of History Dept until 2019 at Ashbury College in Ottawa . Marilynne ( Mrs Holden?) is now an Area Director on International Baccalaureate . Programme through Ashbury . Her sister Diane ( Also staff in 60s) will also enjoy inToronto. Thanks for the reads!

    • Jaan Pill
      Jaan Pill says:

      It’s wonderful to read your comment Wendy! It’s a treat to catch up on the news, which I found of much interest to read, regarding the Sinclair sisters. I’m pleased you enjoy reading the news that so many people have shared at this website over the years.


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