Peel Regional Police Service has problems similar to what is evident at Toronto Police Service

Updates An Oct. 4, 2016 Toronto Star article is entitled: “Peel residents at meeting call for police chief to resign: After carding controversies, Evans ‘not interested in change,’ one speaker at meeting says.” An Oct. 15, 2016 Toronto Star article is entitled: “Reasons to wander Peel Region (that aren’t suspicious): Peel Police Chief Jennifer Evans has suggested that […]

Sociology of philosophies; Keynes & Hayek; corporate events & business entertaining

Human agency takes many forms; the loss of a sense of agency is highlighted in December 2015 Atlantic article about Palo Alto

Lakeview Waterfront Connection – Notice of Environmental Assessment Amendment

The following message (I’ve omitted periods after some of the links) is from Credit Valley Conservation. I admire the communications from CVC as I have mentioned in previous posts related to the Lakeview Waterfront Connection project. Why am I impressed? I am impressed because I enjoy seeing effective use of language. As a volunteer in […]

CBC podcasts: Smartphones & badly-behaved students; Christianity & capitalism; Woodrow Wilson, John A. Macdonald, & racism

I enjoy the CBC. I’ve been highly impressed with the following November 2015 CBC The Current podcasts: Christianity & capitalism: God bless America: How Christ became central to capitalism and US politics Woodrow Wilson, John A. Macdonald, & racism: Calling out the racist legacy of Woodrow Wilson and other historical figures Smartphones & badly-behaved students: […]

Charbonneau report calls for whistleblower protection, stiffer penalties for lawbreakers: Nov. 24, 2015 CBC article

Scams and scamming In previous posts, I’ve discussed scams and scamming, as in this post: Beware of energy scammers going door to door Gangsters and corruption In previous posts, I’ve discussed gangsters and corruption, as in this post: Farmers’ fields north of Montreal is where the City of Laval was built Nov. 24, 2015 Toronto […]

We seek recollections about Petit Bois Franc in relation to an old farmers road. Also: How to Fly a Horse (2015)

A previous post concerns Petit Bois Franc in Montreal: Graeme Decarie has a question about the old Bois Franc. Do you know the answer?  At the above-noted post, Alan McWaters has added a comment, which I am posting as a separate post in order to bring attention to it: “I am writing memoirs about those […]

Lake Shore Blvd. West Cycle Track: Dec. 8, 2015 Open House at 6:00 pm at New Toronto Library

In previous posts, I have shared reflections regarding the distinction between rhetoric and reality, as it relates to community participation in decisions affecting residents of Ward 6 in Etobicoke. The rhetoric is impressive, the reality less so; this is presumably the outcome of a political economy whose foundations were established many decades ago: Beware the […]

Health Canada’s oversight over the natural health products industry has slowly eroded: Nov. 21, 2015 CBC article

We’ve had quite a few posts about both scams and topics related to nutrition at this website. Over the years, posts about scams and scamming have been among the most widely read posts at the website, according to Google Analytics, which I check out every once in a while, maybe once a month or once […]

Canada Revenue Agency scam: Message from 22 Division, Toronto Police Service

Scams and scamming are topics of perennial interest. A Nov. 20, 2015 message from 22 Division reads: Public Safety Alert, Canada Revenue Agency scam Broadcast time: 12:44 Friday, November 20, 2015 22 Division 416-808-2200 The Toronto Police Service would like to alert the public to a Canada Revenue Agency scam that is currently targeting Toronto […]