105 22nd Street, Long Branch, Committee of Adjustment severance and variances

Jaan Pill (email to David Godley):  Again, I would be pleased to post this on my website, but would like to know if this would be a good way to go or not. David Godley:  Yes this one is fine. The message from David Godley follows below From: David Godley <mhairig@pathcom.com> Date: Sunday, May 31, […]

Jeanne Butcher outlines role of Prefect Board at MCHS, 1962-63

Click on the photo to enlarge it. Click again to enlarge it further. The following text by Jeanne Butcher is from the MCHS 1962-63 yearbook (p. 58). THE PREFECT BOARD The Prefect Board is gradually becoming a tradition at Malcolm Campbell High School. Since the opening of our school three years ago, the Prefects have […]

Editorial by Jeanne Butcher in MCHS 1962-63 yearbook

We were very pleased to be in touch with Jeanne Butcher (MCHS ’63) by email in March 2015. She had learned about the MCHS 2015 Reunion while surfing the net. By way of a quick overview, Jeanne reports that she lives with her husband in Colorado after working as a lawyer, with her husband who […]

Gratitude is good for your health, the evidence (and anecdotal experience) suggests

An April 22, 2015 CBC article is entitled: “Shawn Achor’s 6 exercises for happiness: Happiness a choice not a pursuit, psychologist advises.” There may, or may not, be some hyperbole in the claim that happiness is a choice; I wouldn’t know; I haven’t had a look at the book – The Happiness Advantage: The Seven Principles of […]

John Griffith is the great-grandnephew of Matthew Griffith. Great information from Edith George.

I am pleased to share with you these photos of John Griffith. Edith George, who forwarded the photos to me, notes: “John Griffith owns 5 and 1/2 acres in King Township where the Humber River flows through his property and the Historic Toronto Carrying Place Trail went through his property as well. “I went to visit […]

The Woman With the X-Ray Eyes: Blog post by Elinor Florence regarding Constance Babington Smith – Second World War aerial photography specialist

A November 29, 2014 blog post by Elinor Florence is entitled The Woman With the X-Ray Eyes. I came across the post because I was looking for an online image of Constance Babington Smith whose work is featured in Chapter 6 of Women of Intelligence: Winning the Second World War with Air Photos (2012), a […]

Harry Chan (MCHS ’65) has added Morison School memories at a previous post

The previous post is: Harry Chan (MCHS 65) shares with us some great MCHS Sixties memories Here (and I’m posting them at this new blog post in order to bring your attention to them) are Harry’s May 30, 2015 additional Comments: Comment for David regarding Gary Moffet Greetings David Sorry it has taken so long […]

Good news regarding 86 Twenty Third Street in Long Branch (Toronto not New Jersey)

The following text is from a message circulated from Ward 6, City of Toronto Councillor Mark Grimes’ Office: GOOD NEWS “The OMB recently denied the severance and variances requested at 86 Twenty Third St. This would have been a devastating precedent had it been approved, as the property owner clearly attempted to circumvent the proper […]

With a focus on evidence, ‘giant among giants’ influenced research and treatment across health care spectrum

MCHS 2015 Reunion: True communication involves meeting others halfway (May 29, 2015 Inc. article)

The planning for the MCHS 2015 Reunion is based upon a standard communications strategy. A recent Inc. blog post sums up the strategy beautifully. A May 29, 2015 post at the Inc. website has an overview about communication that I really like: 12 Great Communication Secrets You’ve Never Heard Before The headline is great, is […]