Good news regarding 86 Twenty Third Street in Long Branch (Toronto not New Jersey)

The following text is from a message circulated from Ward 6, City of Toronto Councillor Mark Grimes’ Office:


“The OMB recently denied the severance and variances requested at 86 Twenty Third St. This would have been a devastating precedent had it been approved, as the property owner clearly attempted to circumvent the proper planning process by constructing the dwelling on only half of the property before seeking approval of the severance. Please find the OMB ruling attached.”

pl141102-may-25-2015 86 TWENTY THIRD STREET


I urge you to read the decision in full, and to read it closely.

As well, a larger topic that interests me immensely is the differential approach to the Lake Ontario Waterfront, if we contrast south Etobicoke (Toronto) with Lakeview (Mississauga). In that context the following post warrants a close read, in the event the Waterfront – and the PRESENCE or ABSENCE of tall condos on the SHORELINE – is a topic that interests you:

Anecdotes Shared by Fellow Walkers – May 5, 2014 post by Jaan Pill at Jane’s Walk website


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  1. Susan Willsher
    Susan Willsher says:

    I am interested in finding the rejected building plans for 86-23rd St, as I want to demonstrate at a TLAB hearing for the property next to this address, that this is NOT a good example of infill development for the neighbourhood.
    Would you happen to know how I could get a copy of the rejected building plans? I’ve already been to the Building Dept. but would need permission from the owner in order for them to release the building plans.
    Thank you kindly for any assistance or info you may be able to provide.


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