We have a separate page devoted to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) related to the reunion:

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We welcome your suggestions

We have widened the scope of the MCHS 2015 reunion, as a result of previous suggestions from visitors to the Preserved Stories website.

We have set up this website because Alumni suggested it. Now, is the textat the site  easy to read? Is there still too much of it? Is information easy to find? Where do people get lost, if they get lost, when searching for things at the site? We’re planning to change some of the text into bullet points. Will that be helpful? Under what conditions? We are always seeking answers to such questions. Any suggestions you may have, regarding readability, please send an email to jpill@preservestories.com

We have modified our Refund Policy, albeit the revision is not going to please everybody. We modified the original policy, and gave the matter a great deal of thought, because of suggestions we had received from potential reunion attendees.

We’ve also set up the MCHS 2015 website, in response to suggestions from visitors to the Preserved Stories website. The blog structure for MCHS 2015 is the same as the blog structure for the Preserved Stories site. We have gone this route, rather than having two separate blog platforms, in order to keep the design expenses within reasonable bounds.

The web design has been completed by Walden Design and Maestra Web Design at a very reasonable cost. Jaan Pill has donated the funds to pay for the work, as his contribution to our publicity efforts on behalf of the reunion.

Any further suggestions, on any topic, will be most welcome. Each person attending the reunion will be the star of the show. That being the case, we pay close attention to any suggestion that may occur to you, that will enhance the quality of this much-anticipated event!


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