1963: Comment from Graeme Decarie

Graeme Decarie writes: I was just listening to Pete Seeger on Youtube. He was leading an audience in singing We Shall Overcome. I remember it as if it were yesterday with a packed house and I was still singing it with the rest of the audience. And there was Where have all the flowers gone…and […]

Humber Bay Parks Master Plan and “The Pavilion”: Message from Brian Bailey of CCFEW

The following message is from Brian Bailey of CCFEW: The process of reviewing the Humber Bay Parks Master Plan was initiated at a public meeting on February 16th.  There are many important things to consider in the master plan, but discussion at the meeting was dominated by the pavilion: a 12,000 square foot, $7 million […]

Venezuela continues to move deeper into economic disarray: Feb. 9, 2016 New York Times article

Great Snowy White Owl on Thirty Fifth Street in Long Branch (Toronto)

We owe thanks to John Easton for forwarding this photo and the following Feb. 23, 2016 message from Steve of Long Branch: Hi Neighbours. Check this out. This beautiful owl kept warm from 9am to 3pm on the chimney of [a house on] Thirty Fifth Street today. Have never seen one in the Long Branch […]

Reminder Budget Town Hall Meeting, Thursday, Feb. 25, 2016 at 7:00 pm – 8:30 pm, Royal Canadian Legion, 110 Jutland Road, Etobicoke

Does Bordeaux Jail still exist?

I’ve received a message from Graeme Decarie: Graeme Decarie writes: Bordeaux Jail Does it still exist? If so, it must be in the middle of a suburb. It’s the prison that was the site of more executions than any other prison in Canada. graeme [End of message from Graeme Decarie] Jaan Pill comments: Does anyone […]

Committee of Adjustment and OMB decisions, it is alleged, at times contravene planning legislation. Allegations of professional incompetence also arise.

In a previous post I have shared a message from David Godley. David Godley is at <mhairig@pathcom.com> and 416-255-0492. The attachments in the message include the following text from David Godley and Wanda Jurashek of Long Branch: coaissues You can read the text by clicking on the above-noted link. By way of bringing attention to the message, […]

Conserving Long Branch – February 2016 Update Addendum (David Godley)

I am pleased to share the following message from David Godley. The attachments that are included in the message are the photo on the right and this file: coaissues [Click on the above-noted link to access the 8-page attachment that is referenced in the text below.] Review of Current Issues: Letter Sent February 19, 2016 […]

Well-attended Government and Community Services Fair took place at Cloverdale Mall on Feb. 20, 2016

I’ve been visiting Cloverdale Mall for many years: Click here for previous posts about Cloverdale Mall > One of my previous posts refers to one of several Government and Community Services Fairs I’ve attended over the years: Government and Community Services Fair – Feb. 23, 2013 – Cloverdale Mall As well, I wrote a post […]