Rhetoric of heritage preservation

Update: A Feb. 21, 2014 New Yorker article is entitled: “Why is academic writing so academic?” [End of update]   We can speak of rhetoric from a variety of perspectives. Rhetoric is a great topic for academic study. By way of example, early in his career Marshall McLuhan developed expertise in rhetoric as a field of […]

Heritage architect Julian Smith compares historical and cultural landscape concepts – Stephanie Calvet, Nov. 27, 2012

I found a Nov. 27, 2012 blog post by Stephanie E. Calvet of interest. I found the discussion, in Stephanie Calvet’s post, of the distinction between heritage landscape and cultural landscape of particular interest. I have, in this context, been researching back stories of relevance to the Wesley Mimico United Church redevelopment story. Deer Park […]

Burra Charter offers a guideline for adaptive reuse of heritage buildings

You can access the Burra Charter here. The full text of the document is of relevance. The following excerpts offer selected highlights. Preamble The document notes (p.1): Places of cultural significance enrich people’s lives, often providing a deep and inspirational sense of connection to community and landscape, to the past and to lived experiences. It […]

Feeling Congested? The City Is Listening, So Speak Up | June 25, 2013 | by Jack Landau | urbantoronto.ca

This is a first rate article. I recommend it highly.  

Occasionally Long Branch is described as a drive-through kind of place – which, for some of us, is what it is

Long Branch (Toronto not New Jersey) has many characteristics. The characterization depends upon the observer. I much appreciate a recent message from Colleen O’Marra (see below), which has given rise to this blog post. My friend Sid Olvet of Oakville has remarked that each person who encounters Long Branch encounters it according to the era, […]

Ann has added a message to discussion about the future of sand beach at Marie Curtis Park

Ann Gates posted the following comment on June 24, 2013 at an earlier blog post regarding the sand beach at Marie Curtis Park: I also walk the beaches almost every day. The idea that we would pay money to cover up a sandy beach with cobble stones is just hard to understand. People take vacations to […]

June 24, 2013 news updates related to Long Branch and Mimico

Below are some of my recent Twitter posts or retweets at @jaanpill related to Long Branch and Mimco: Wesley Mimico June 24, 2013 community update June 24, 2013, 7:30 pm community update re: Wesley Mimico United Church http://shar.es/xKNCh  via @sharethis Laurel Broten resigns as Etobicoke-Lakeshore MPP as of July 2, 2013 Resignation announcement: Laurel Broten MPP […]

City of Toronto Building and City Planning changes will affect heritage issues: Geoff Kettel

David Juliusson has forwarded the following message: This has an effect for Heritage issues. Read on. I have bolded the relevant section. Toronto Building and City Planning divisions adopt new technologies to enhance service deliveryThe City of Toronto continues to enhance customer service for its customers. Today [June 20, 2013] at the Planning and Growth […]

June 24, 2013, 7:30 pm community update re: Wesley Mimico United Church

Friends, Neighbours, Registrants for Housing – all interested in the Wesley Mimico United Church Renewal Project: A reminder: This Monday, June 24th, 7:30 p.m. at Wesley Church (Station Rd. & Mimico Ave.). Information and conversation about Housing for seniors and persons with disabilities. Retired United Church leader Very Rev. Lois Wilson will share her experience […]

TDSB budget update – June 21, 2013

Following update is from TDSB Trustee Pamela Gough’s Office: Sent on behalf of Trustee Pamela Gough: Putting the TDSB on Solid Financial Footing Board Approves 2013-2014 Budget After months of review and community consultation, Trustees with the Toronto District School Board have eliminated a projected $55 million deficit and have approved the 2013-2014 budget and […]