Heritage architect Julian Smith compares historical and cultural landscape concepts – Stephanie Calvet, Nov. 27, 2012

I found a Nov. 27, 2012 blog post by Stephanie E. Calvet of interest.

I found the discussion, in Stephanie Calvet’s post, of the distinction between heritage landscape and cultural landscape of particular interest.

I have, in this context, been researching back stories of relevance to the Wesley Mimico United Church redevelopment story.

Deer Park United Church

I came across Julian Smith’s work in the course of reading about the designation of Deer Park United Church under the Ontario Heritage Act. The Toronto City Council made a decision on April 10, 2012 regarding the Deer Park redevelopment. A March 12, 2013 update is available here.

All such church conversion projects are of relevance with regard to the next steps for the Wesley Mimico United Church.

Hackworth and Gullikson (2013)

Along with Julian Smith’s work, a 2013 paper by Jason Hackworth and Erin Gullikson has engaged my attention with regard to back stories about the adaptive reuse of heritage places of worship.

A talk by Brenna Keatinge has also been useful, in this context. I’ve also found it useful to read the work of Maria Valverde.

Valverde’s research focuses upon the processes by which legal concepts are transformed into outcomes affecting the everyday lives of citizens.

After the Reich: From the liberation of Vienna to the Berlin Airlift

The study of law takes many forms; in that context I’ve found it of interest to read an account by Giles MacDonogh (2007) of the immediate postwar history of Germany with an eye on the distinction, evident in all societies, between the law on the books and the law on the streets. The book serves as a reminder that laws are the outcome of large-scale political processes, in many cases originally established through the force of arms.


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