The American Revolution, the First Nations, and Colonel Samuel Smith

My interest in military history arises from my current documentary project in Long Branch where I live. One of the personalities associated with Long Branch is Colonel Samuel Smith who faught in the Wars of the American Revolution. Not much is known about Colonel Smith. He’s perhaps best known for deprecations directed his way by the Scottish author and reformer Robert Gourlay after a visit to Smith’s log cabin east […]

A good presentation entertains, informs, and connects

The Fall/Winter 2011 newsletter of the Canadian Stuttering Association features an article by Jaan Pill in which he describes what he’s learned about connecting with the audience: A good presentation connects with an audience During the past twenty years of volunteer work, I have served as one of the co-founders Canadian Stuttering Association (1991), the Estonian Stuttering Association […]

How I write short stories (Alice Munro 1982)

Alice Munro wrote an article in 1982 describing how she writes a short story and how she reads a story written by another person. In a 1982 interview (a link to the article is no longer available) with Peter Gzowski, Alice Munro refers to the article. She notes that when reading a short story by another writer, she […]

Anthropology: A student’s guide to theory and practice (2009)

I enjoy reading books from the Toronto Public Library. Some writers, I’ve learned, as a reader of library books, speak with the voice of authority. It’s evident in each paragraph that they write. Stanley R. Barrett is such an author. The book by Barrett that I’ve been reading is a basic text, Anthropology: A student’s guide […]

Coordinating and celebrating student nutrition

On Friday, Nov. 18, 2011, I attended an all-day conference at FoodShare Toronto. A recent post at the FoodShare FB Page noted: “Welcoming 100+ participants today to TPSN Conference: ‘Coordinating, Supporting and Celebrating Student Nutrition.’ Workshops focusing on menu planning, student engagement, fundraising, volunteerism and more!” I’m involved with FoodShare because John English Junior Middle School  has […]

What was once a major wildlife habitat at the mouth of the Etobicoke Creek has been ‘engineered out of existence’

Stuttering – A listener’s Guide

Jaan has spent over twenty years as a volunteer working on behalf of the worldwide stuttering community. This twenty-one minute video, edited by Steven Toepell of Bohemian Passport Services, is based on a presentation that Jaan made at a meeting of the North York Kiwanis Club in April 2011. You can access the speaking notes […]

Andy Iadinardi – Aquaview Condominiums

  Andy Iadinardi performed a great job as Construction Superintendent during the building of Aquaview Condominiums at 3865 Lake Shore Blvd. West between Forty First and Forty Second Streets in Long Branch in southwestern Etobicoke. In the spring of 2011, as the construction process at Aquaview was winding down, Andy hired Jaan Pill to edit […]