Andy Iadinardi – Aquaview Condominiums


Andy Iadinardi performed a great job as Construction Superintendent during the building of Aquaview Condominiums at 3865 Lake Shore Blvd. West between Forty First and Forty Second Streets in Long Branch in southwestern Etobicoke.

In the spring of 2011, as the construction process at Aquaview was winding down, Andy hired Jaan Pill to edit his resume and create a digital portfolio to go with it.

Jaan in turn hired Steven Toepell of Bohemian Passport Services to edit a six-minute video based on thousands of photos that Jaan had taken of the construction process over the previous couple of years.

The resume with a link to the electronic portfolio was posted in June 2011. The portfolio got a great response from prospective employers. In July 2011 Andy Iadinardi signed a contract as Construction Superintendent for a new condominium project.


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