Public meeting on Wed., March 29, 2017 at 7:00 pm regarding proposed construction of Estonian Centre at Tartu College

Updates In the event you are a reader of Eesti Elu, you will know that the proposed projects (described below) connected with the Estonian Centre and Tartu College are not without controversy. I have not been following the story closely, but have been reading articles in Eesti Elu that are of interest. Among other things, among […]

Local Appeal Body – please refer to a link to a previous post

Part 3 of David Godley’s March 2017 update is concerned with the Local Appeal Board process. This topic is further addressed at a post entitled: Messages from Manager, Projects Court Services, Office of Director, City of Toronto concerning Toronto Local Appeal Body Rather than posting David’s previous messages regarding the Local Appeal Body, I am […]

Conserving Long Branch – March 2017 Update from David Godley (Part 2)

A previous post is entitled: Conserving Long Branch – March 2017 Update from David Godley (Part 1) I have been slow in posting additional items from David Godley; at this point I am catching up. David’s Part 2 for March 2017 reads: Comments Planning Applications for March 9 COA 11) 81 26th Street 12) 9 […]

Mr. Putin (2015) illustrates that you can write a first-rate biography even if standard biographical details are missing

Phishing expeditions: That’s why the most important thing experts recommend is to listen to your gut (March 19, 2017 Wired article)

A March 19, 2017 Wired article is entitled: “Phishing Scams Even Fool Tech Nerds—Here’s How to Avoid Them.” An excerpt reads: “At the heart of phishing is a scam,” says Aaron Higbee, chief technology officer at the phishing research and defense company PhishMe. “The people who are sending a phishing email have to be clever […]

Skepticism with regard to the concept of “learning styles” is hugely warranted, no matter how popular the concept may be

A March 13, 2017 Guardian article is entitled: “Teachers must ditch ‘neuromyth’ of learning styles, say scientists: Eminent academics from worlds of neuroscience, education and psychology voice concerns over popularity of method.” An excerpt from the article reads: The letter, organised by Prof Bruce Hood, chair of developmental psychology in society at the University of Bristol, […]

You enter your birthday, and The Atlantic Life Timeline shares a brief tour of the history that’s happened all around you

Interesting concept. You enter your birthday (including year of birth) and The Atlantic (Magazine) Life Timeline will show you a brief tour of the history that’s happened all around you. Click here to access The Atlantic Life Timeline >  

North Korea makes a great topic for storytelling

A March 7, 2017 Brookings Institution article, which originally appeared in the Nikkei Asian Review, addresses the current situation in North Korea; the opening paragraphs read: Amid the sound and fury of President Donald Trump’s first weeks in office, the new U.S. administration has been widely castigated for policy dysfunction, an insurgent view of international […]

190-page Mississauga Heritage Management Strategy outlines framework for Story of Mississauga project

Gaslighting and stereotyping: One augments the other

A previous post is entitled: Perceptions of warmth and competence drive our stereotypes: Cuddy et al. (2008) I’ve written a number of posts about stereotyping. Click here for previous posts about stereotyping > Gaslighting I have the sense that there’s a close connection between stereotyping and gaslighting. Below are links to three articles that describe […]