‘Looking back on the war through some writings: 2022 in retrospect’: Phillips P. O’Brien (from a newsletter I subscribe to)

University of Tartu dissertation regarding selected features of Ayahuasca: in some European neoshamanic brews, DMT concentrations were high and traditional plants were replaced by other plants or chemicals

A Cree Healer and His Medicine Bundle (2015) and Plant Teachers: Ayahuasca, Tobacco, and the Pursuit of Knowledge (2021) productively bring together two ways of seeing

In an interview with DW, Mark Galeotti explains why the West did not believe Russia would invade Ukraine and how he sees the war playing out in 2023

I enjoy reading a newsletter from Phillips P. O’Brien; the most recent one I’ve read is entitled: “Weekend Update #7: Some ideas on how the war is being presented and analyzed – oldies and not goodies.”

‘All good theatre’: Niagara-on-the-Lake council defers speaking to Bill 23: Councillor’s motion deferred until Dec. 20 council meeting – Dec. 16, 2022, Hamilton Spectator

Opinion: Ford lied about Greenbelt. Now, Bill 23 will be bad for Niagara – Comment from David Israelson, Dec. 15, 2022 – NOTL Local

Sideways (2022) highlights how Google tried and failed to get a foothold in land use in Berlin and Toronto

Control: The Dark History and Troubling Present of Eugenics (2023) is among many books I’ve read about the topic

NOTL Local newspaper shares news update regarding Niagara- on-the-Lake response to Bill 23